5 Myths About HCG Hormone Disclosed

With every popular diet program there is always some myth that surrounds it. Similarly over here with HCG hormones there are quite a few myths but I shall try explaining some of the worst myths that is populated over the internet. If you have any questions to ask then I suggest you to use the comment section.

1) HCG diet of 500 Calorie is not Safe

Our body functions in a surprising manner. For instance, the prime function of our body is to adapt to our habits and surroundings. At first the 500 calorie might seem impossible. If you continue with the diet for a week from the second week you will be surprised to notice that 500 calorie diet is easy to maintain. Therefore,it is not at all dangerous or unsafe. But, if you continuously skip the diet and get into regular eating habits and then force your body towards low calorie diet then, yes, it can be dangerous.

2) HCG Hormone Do not Help in Weight Loss:

This myth probably sprung up because of the low calorie diet that accompanies HCG hormone drops or injections. People say that with low calorie diet you will probably lose weight. The above statement is partially true. You will lose weight with the low calorie diet alone but for a short period. As I had said above your body will get accustomed to the low calorie program and it will further stop losing weight. It is only with combining HCG hormone that your body will shed weight continuously.

3) Losing Weight without Exercising is not Recommended:

If it were any another diet program that we were talking about then I would say that the above is a fact not myth. However, we are talking about HCG diet plan, a diet program that will consume the stored up fat by increasing your body’s metabolism naturally. If you are going to exercise when on HCG diet then your body will further increase its metabolism rate and reverse the effect of HCG diet.

4) Injections of HCG Hormones are Dangerous:

I agree with the above myth to an extent because every injection taken can turn dangerous. This is the reason that I advise my readers to opt for a HCG diet that is supported by medical experts. In this way you can rely on them for anything. But if you follow the protocols and the amount of dosage meant for the diet then you can still be safe.

5) HCG Diet has Major Side Effects:

The only side effects recorded with HCG diet are headaches, nausea and abdominal pain. Although I have personally experienced loose stools for more than 3 days. All these side effects are minor in nature and do not require medical drugs to soothe them as they will pass on their own. In short, HCG diet does have side effects but are minor in nature.