9 Important HCG Diet Tips For Better Weight Loss

I have been using HCG diet drops for quite a while. Along the process I noticed that some important habits should be adhered to lose weight rapidly and keep them off at bay. These habits that are mentioned below will also help you in squeezing the most benefits out of HCG diet program.

They are:

1) Keep a Journal and jot everything you eat for the day. For instance, note your breakfast, lunch, dinner and even small snacks that you consume at times. Yes! you also need to include tea, coffee or any liquid drinks. This will help to motivate you and keep going in the right track.

2) When you start your HCG diet you are not allowed to consume sugar or any sweet foods. I planned to go sugarless for the entire program which was a grave mistake. After a week my craving for sweet grew so bad that I ran to a nearby shop and consumed two bars of chocolate. If you consume regular sweet foods like me then I advise you to replace sugar with sugarless sweetners. They have low calories when compared to sugar while providing the same sweetness.

3) Once in every 4 days check your weight. If possible plot a graph according to your weight loss. You should notice that your weight loss should be steady. Weight loss should neither be too steep or too low. Just at an angle of 45 degree. This will ensure that you are doing great with the program.

4) Join any HCG community. There are several forums online that caters to people who are on an HCG diet. Talking to people who are on the same track as you will  motivate you even further.

5) Consume large quantity of water. On a HCG diet your body will start to detox and this will cause your body to cleanse and flush the fluids. The water lost needs to be compensated. Moreover, drinking more quantity of water will further help in better detoxing and cleanse your body to greater extent.

6)  It is good to consult a doctor though not necessary as most HCG diet are accompanied by a guide. Or you can opt for a HCG diet supported by Medical experts that provide one to one consultation throughout the program.

7) Side effects are common with HCG diet. The most usual side effects are headaches, nausea and abdominal pain. In some cases you might also experience loose stools. These side effects should pass away within a week. If they do not then I suggest you see a doctor. Note: The reason these side effects appear is your body’s response to detoxification taking place within your body.

8) Always buy pure HCG hormones. There are several HCG hormones that are sold with other hormones, HCG being only a fraction of the supplement.

9) Finally, if you aren’t experiencing any weight loss within 7 days then I strongly recommend to return the product and get your money back. This is why I suggest you buy from HCG Official which has 90 days money back guarantee.