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List of top Rated HCG Brands

Here is our list of top HCG Brands in the Market. All these sellers have pharmaceutical grade hcg hormone and you can buy from them with ease.

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2.HCG Triumph (Link to Official Site): This is also a best supplier when pure HCG Hormones comes into question. They also have free shipping and great bundles. Their HCG store is definitely a place to look for every sort of HCG drops you would have ever heard. Interestingly, they also run a 7-day trial that will cost you only $29 bucks so that you can test them before purchasing. And their single 26 Day bottle starts at $99.

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2HCG Complex (Link to Official Site): HCG Complex is a great place for starters to get their hands on HCG drops. They sell homeopathy HCG drops. Moreover, their single bottle starts at just $79.

3. NuImage Medical (Link to Official Site): If we talk about HCG hormone with medical supervision then NuImage Medical should be placed on the top. The reason as to why we have placed it on #3 is because they are a bit expensive (price starts at $297 for 26 day kit!) which is inclusive of support. If you are a fan of HCG injections or require medical support while on the HCG diet then we strongly recommend this retailer.


HCG Drops Pros & Cons

A fad is something that can be defined as a temporary interest, an interest which takes hold for a short amount of time and then gradually decreases. However, there are some fads, which keep returning like the proverbial bad pennies or, establish their dominance in the psyche so very firmly that they refuse to let go or they refuse to leave, no matter how strongly we try to rid of them.

Weight what!?

Indeed, although there are many such fads in the 21st century, which have quite a significant amount of social significance, there is one which is currently dominating the World Psyche, one which has captured countless minds in its relentless talons and has nearly driven most people to near insanity: weight gain and its antagonist, weight loss.

Indeed, ours has become such a world where even the slightest amount of weight gain is shamed and reviled and where people go hungry, sometimes for days on end, just to look like hourglasses (in the case of women) and Arnold Schwazzaranger  (in the case of men).

HCG drops to the rescue

If you too happen to be one of those very people, then you have come to the right place indeed, for we shall help you to achieve your dream by introducing you to HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropic drops, or drops which consist of the hormone known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is known for its weight loss properties as it makes the body oxidize the fats stored in it so as to release the energy stored in those fats.

Indeed, people all over the world have reported that when they inculcated the timely and orderly consumption of the HCG diet drops in their daily food intake, they experienced a rapid loss of weight, and that too all in the right areas.

However, like all things, and just like roses have thorns, HCG Drops too have their own pros and cons.

Pros and Cons

We will begin by listing out the pros.

  • Due to the low calorie intake, people would obviously feel hungry. Thus HCG drops help in regulating or lessening the hanger, which is quite beneficial.
  • They restrict or prevent future fats from developing in the future
  • They increase muscle growth by reducing toxins
  • They make one more energetic by modifying the metabolism.


As stated before, every rose has thorns. Similarly, HCG drops too have their flaws.

  • Some of the most noticeable side effects of HCG drops are: abdominal pains, headaches, nausea etc to name some of them.
  • They are not wholeheartedly supported by the acclaimed medical experts all over the world.
  • They cannot perform or carry out the weight loss of the person involved
  • The consumers are requested to not perform any kind of exercise while on the diet.



Therefore, despite having the above mentioned cons or shortcomings, we would like to recommend you to go ahead and purchase HCG drops today and achieve almost magical weight loss results.

Buy HCG drops real today.

Benefits of Real HCG Drops

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is the hormone produced by the female body during the first three months of pregnancy. The HCG hormone is used for the development of the fetus and the embryo in the womb. The popular treatment of the HCG diet for weight loss is proved to be very effective. HCG drops are not only beneficial for the weight loss they are also useful in many other ways which are unknown to us. The use of HCG drops is beneficial for both men and women.

note: Whenever HCG drops are mentioned we are referring to HCG Real Drops not homeopathic.

  1. Metabolism

The rate of metabolic activities decreases in the human bodies with age or even laziness is considered to slow the metabolic rate. The HCG drops can increase the rate and burn the excess calories easily. There are numerous more factors which are noted which may be responsible for a slow metabolic rate like genetics or growth hormone and even muscle integrity. The HCG hormone acts as a catalyst to boost the metabolism. The HCG increases energy levels in the hormones which in turn burns the calories and allows the individual to exercise more. The HCG hormone provides the feeling of well-being with the distribution of energy throughout the entire body.

  1. HCG Benefits for Women

Aging is the part of growth, but we always want to look younger with good skin. HCG hormone is found effective for anti-aging as it maintains glowing and youthful skin. The HCG hormone has shown some positive results in treating the menopausal symptoms. HCG is believed to cure the problems related to fertility. With the regular use of HCG, a female body boosts the fertilization and development of the eggs which helps in becoming pregnant. It has been reported that the use of HCG can increase the chances of multiple births.

  1. HCG Benefits for Men

For the men with low testosterone levels, use of HCG can boost the levels. Low levels of testosterone can lead to ill health and degenerative function in men. The problems such as hair loss, low bone density, and muscle mass depend on the levels of testosterone a man maintains. HCG is considered as a tumor detector when HCG is found in the male body in detectable levels, then it is considered that tumors are developing in the body. HCG is also used for penile growth and testicular development in the male bodies.

  1. HCG Benefits for Athletes

The sportsmen are using HCG to enhance their performance because of the heightened testosterone properties. There are no major side effects of HCG when compared with the steroids. Low doses of HCG are recommended for athletes to maintain the testosterone levels for improved performance and to strengthen the muscles. HCG is a safer alternative to the steroids, which can affect the sperm production by shrinking of the testicles. The International Olympic Committee banned the use of HCG in the year 1987. The reason for this was increasing number of athletes started using HCG to boost their levels of testosterone.

Apart from weight loss, HCG has commendable benefits including the beneficial side effect of increasing the energy levels. The use of HCG can take you towards good health and well-being.

Are Real HCG Drops Legal to Purchase online?

Real HCG drops contain hormones extracted from the female body and that is why it becomes naturally understandable that it must be calling for some kind of regulations on their sale and purchase.

If your doctor has prescribed it or you have read about its benefit somewhere and have already made plans to purchase it online then you must know certain rules about it.

  1. Are they legal or not Yes, they are legal. It is legal in countries like America, Canada and Europe etc. It is even legal to buy online. Many online sites offer it, but you must have a prescription written by your doctor with you. You need to send a copy of it whenever you order it online so that the seller can be assured that it is properly suggested by your doctor.

If you read about its benefits somewhere, then you cannot order it online as you won’t be having any kind of prescription with you.

Many sites even have a counselling facility so that you can call them and get the idea about the whole process.

  1. Is it legal to import HCGYou can definitely import HCG drops in case you want it for yourself. Airport authorities will need doctor’s prescription for that. You need to check the recent rules as it tends to change frequently and often.

One thing you can do is to contact customs office to see if they allow it or not. Also, ensure that is there any extra charges for importing or not.

HCG real drops or any medicine can be imported equivalent to three month dose so if you want to import it for like more than 6 months you need permission of authorities.

  1. Is it approved by FDA – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which is responsible for protecting and improving people’s health has not approved Real HCG drops and that is why some doctors do not advise it to people. You need to know that doctors are well permitted to advise it on their discretion, so it’s not an illegal thing to purchase or harmful.

Whereas Homeopathic HCG drops are not regulated strictly by the FDA as it does with real HCG drops. However, they want Homeopathic drops to meet certain parameters of quality, purity and strength.

You can buy it without any prescription and that is legal in countries like America, Canada.

HCG drops have become a revolution in the weight loss regime or area. It is given with the conjunction with another dietary dose. It usually triggers human’s pituitary gland to produce more hormones, which were suppressed or reduced in the body. These hormones balance the instability of all the major hormones in the body including testosterone. It is not only used in a weight loss program, but in other problems too. A woman who is not pregnant, but is found to have high levels of HCG hormones indicates chances of cancer. Therefore, it is necessary to look out every aspect of HCG drops and then decide to go for it.

Top 3 HCG Injections

Here is our independent rankings of top HCG injections retailers. Feel free to choose from any of them.


iHCGinjections: (Link to Official site) – They are cheap, high quality and best for men who are looking to boost testosterone. Price starts from $115 which you won’t get with any other HCG retailer. If you are new or are looking to buy HCG injections other than weight loss purposes then this is the Go to place.

Nuimage Medical: (Link to Official site) – The price is steep but there is a reason for it – you get online support. However, this program is only meant for weight loss. Hence, if you are looking to lose weight then we suggest you buying HCG injections from this retailer.

Cojach: (Currently unavailable): Again, this is meant for those who are looking to lose weight. Unfortunately, they do not have any support during the program. Moreover, they are expensive than Nuimage Medical. The reason its in our list is because of the injections quality.

iHCG Injections Review

This is our review of iHCG injections. For weight loss we recommend HCG drops. However, when it comes to boost testosterone we strongly recommend iHCG injection.

Apart from being pharmaceutical grade, it come with different packages and ships easily.

This is what you get with a one month package costing $115


Advantages of iHCG Injections:

  • pharmaceutical grade HCG
  • 5000 IU hcg
  • comes with mixing kit
  • 25 syringes to inject
  • ships easily in US
  • used by doctors in clinics
  • no prescription necessary
  • Inexpensive @ $115 (other HCG injections costs $297 onwards)
  • toll free number on site to order by phone
  • several payment options
  • Ships worldwide

Here are some disadvantages we noticed:

  • mild side effects like dizziness and nausea (passes off after regular use)

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HCG Injections for Men: 9 Benefits + 4 Dangerous Side Effects

Last updated: Feb 18th 2018

Doctors prescribe HCG injections for men to treat testosterone deficiency . The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) jump starts testosterone production. This method is more natural compared with other testosterone therapies. Moreover, it has less sever side effects.

HCG for men is also used by those who are taking testosterone. As time passes your body fails to produce testosterone. This is when a shot of HCG brings back things to normal.

We strongly recommend NuImage Medical – Get $100 OFF today!

What If I Don’t Take HCG?

Let us consider two separate situations.

  1. You are low on Testosterone – You can practically opt for testosterone therapy. They are great to restore testosterone balance. However, consider the side effects. And also understand that after you undergo testosterone therapy, you will later have to turn towards HCG to balance the levels.
  2. You are undergoing testosterone therapy – If you are undergoing testosterone therapy, sooner or later your body will stop producing testosterone. This is common. Your body thinks there is huge amount of testosterone, what is the need to produce more. But when the testosterone level falls below normal, your body will almost have lost the ability to produce testosterone. Hence, taking HCG shots at regular interval will force your body to produce its own testosterone.

We shall now discuss in detail about the benefits of hcg for men, uses, side effects and dosages.

Benefits of HCG Injections for Men

HCG mimics luteinizing hormone (LH). The luteinizing hormone help testes produce testosterone.  LH is secreted by pituitary gland.

Due to imbalance in hormone, testosterone production is reduced. This is naturally brought back with HCG. Since, HCG mimics LH, testes start producing testosterone naturally.

hcg injections for men to increase testosterone

This method being natural, testosterone production in future isn’t harmed. Here are some other advantages of HCG for men.

  • Boosting testosterone with HCG helps build lean muscle mass. A friend of mine took HCG for several months. In six months he added 10 pounds of lean muscle. Simultaneously he lost 6 pounds of body fat.
  • You will feel stronger and happier. You will notice your morning wood back again. You will experience new strength and vigor.
  • Doctors also “recommend HCG injections for men” to increase sperm count. If you had trouble getting your partner pregnant then HCG is your choice.
  • Bodybuilders use HCG to get their testosterone levels back after steroid usage.
  • HCG also results in weight loss though HCG for weight loss is not FDA approved.
  • You will notice increased sexual desire.
  • Increasing testosterone level with other treatments result in your body to stop production of testosterone. This happens due to body thinking that testosterone is being available in plenty.
  • Boosting testosterone with HCG can also result in penile growth.
  • Your libido and red blood cell levels increase
  • You will have an increased bone density
  • Finally, your heart gets a healthy boost (testosterone is needed for proper functioning of your heart).

Side Effects of HCG for Men

There is no treatment without side effects. And hcg injections for men too has some. They are not many but are divided into less severe and serious

Less Severe Side Effects

  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • headache
  • tired and fatigue
  • swelling or irritation at injected spot

Serious Side Effects

  • male boobs
  • mood swings
  • swollen feet and ankles
  • young boys using HCG might puberty earlier.

Dosage for HCG Injections

Generally 500 IU, thrice per week. One week on while three weeks off. This is the common dosage. However, you need to consult and follow the guidelines of your doctor.

hcg for men

The HCG injections for men kit comes freeze-dried. It has to be reconstituted. Draw 5ml of pure water from the given vial. Inject it into the dried HCG bottle. Mix it slowly. Do not shake vigorously. HCG molecules are weak carbon bonds. Shaking them vigorously can break them down.

Take the syringe provided. From it draw 0.5 ml of the mixture. Inject it into your lower abdomen. The needle is similar to diabetics using to inject insulin.

After you inject, the HCG level will peak in 6 hours. It will remain so for the next 36 hours. After 72 hours all will return to normal.

Remember that the mixture must be stored in a refrigerator. And it expires after 30 days.

HCG Drops or HCG Injections

Now some might ask what about HCG drops? Are they a fit?

Well, HCG drops are nothing different compared to HCG injections. However, when you take a supplement orally it is less effective compared to injecting into your blood stream.

The only advantage of HCG drops over HCG injections is that they are cheap. For a complete list of HCG drops merchants click here. We have compared top three HCG drops merchants according to their product’s effectiveness.

But if you are using HCG to restore your testosterone levels then “HCG for men injections is best”.

Where Should I Buy HCG Injections for Men?

There are literally hundreds of sellers. You can do a search and find one. But ensure that the retailer has the following:

  • The HCG must be manufactured in FDA approved lab
  • It must be manufactured within USA
  • It must be of 5000 IU
  • The HCG must be real not homeopathic

We recommend NuImage Medical. It meets all the above guidelines mentioned. Moreover, its cheap (reasonably priced).
One month supply costs only $397 (click here for $100 Off). You also get free doctor consultation.

HCG injections for men by NuImageMedical is also used for weight loss. Although the site does not state any info on HCG for testosterone, you can use it for the same. Instruction for mixing is available after purchase. And the good thing is that you can administer the HCG for men by yourself.

Life After Stopping the HCG Diet

After dieting for two months, you can now begin eating carbs again which will make eating with the other people like friends and family easier. But, the transition period is scarier. No one would like to regain all the pounds they worked hard to lose in the dieting program. The major challenge appears to increase the intake of calories slowly. Mostly, people move from monitoring every bite they eat to uncontrollably eating whatever they want without allowing their body to adjust. However, you should keep in mind that you have stopped taking HCG and your metabolism and body will need some time. The following are some of the tips that you should highly observe to eliminate any chances of regaining the weight you lost.

• Continue weighing yourself to be sure that you catch any sneaky weight gain.

• Do a steak date if you get yourself weighing 2.1 pounds over the last weight on the HCG diet.

• Avoid falling back into the bad habits which you broke while in the HCG dieting like drinking soda, and eating any unhealthy foods.

• Keep drinking water. Possibly, you should take at least 2 litters of water in a day. This will assist you in maintaining the weight you lost and your overall health.

• Maintain all the good habits that you developed while in the HCG program like drinking tea, and monitoring serving sizes.

• Still, you should focus on eating real foods. And a general rule of thumb is that “if you can’t read the ingredients, don’t take the food.”

• Make going to the gym a habit since this will help you tone your muscles.

• Make the scale your best friend. It will assist you maintain the right weight and also assist you in identifying any trigger foods.

Why monitor your weight and the food you eat after the HCG dieting 

After completing the HCG diet program, you have to go through the maintenance stage. The purpose of this stage is to allow the body to stabilize your new weight. To achieve this, you must correctly follow the maintenance plan. You should eat more food and allow your body to stabilize at the new weight.

After you have stopped taking the HCG, you should continue with dieting for 3 additional days or 72 hours. At the end of these 3 days, you should start eating anything that you want except starch and sugar provided that you observe one rule – you should have your portable bathroom scale at hand particularly when travelling. You should weigh yourself every morning when you get out of bed without fail and having emptied your bladder, without clothes and before taking liquids of any kind or taking breakfast.

It will take you three weeks before you stabilize the weight you reached at the end of the dieting. During this period, you should know that carbohydrates which include rice, sugar, bread and pastries are the most dangerous. If you don’t consume any carbohydrates, fats will indulge somewhat liberally and even small amounts of alcohol like a little wine with food won’t do you any harm. Anytime you combine starch with fats, weight gain will get out of hand. Therefore, you will have to carefully observe them during the first three weeks to ensure that you won’t regain the lost weight.

When beginning the maintenance phase, increase your calories intake to around 1500. Don’t attempt to continue with the dieting once the HCG is out of your body system. Keep in mind that your weight will keep fluctuating within the first or two weeks which is normal. You can do a steak day if you want to. Within these three weeks, you should highly monitor your sugar intake. Read labels and eat organic foods if possible. You can eat whatever you want but avoid eating sugar and starch. Eat enough food, use dairy products and healthy fats to up the calorie intake if necessary and also drink enough water.

Skipping a meal

As long as you are able to maintain your weight within 2 pounds of that weight you reached on the last day of your HCG dose, you should not take any notice of a weight gain. But anytime your scale goes beyond 2 pounds, including when this is by a few ounces, you shouldn’t take breakfast and lunch on that day and moreover, you should take plenty of water. And in the evening, you should take an apple, a huge steak and a raw tomato and nothing more.

It is advisable that you do this on the same day the scale goes beyond 2 pounds and you shouldn’t postpone it until the next day. If you skip a meal on the day that you register a weight gain at the morning, this will bring about an immediate weight lose and at times, this may be with more than a pound. However, if skipping the meal means literally skipping and not having a light meal, the phenomenon won’t occur and to correct the situation, several dieting of several days may be necessary.

Most patients will never need to skip a meal. After eating a heavy lunch they feel no desire of eating dinner and in such cases an increase takes place. If they maintain their weight at the point they reached at the end of the dieting, even a heavy dinner will not lead to an increase of two pounds by the next morning and therefore it won’t demand any special measures. After the HCG program, most patients are usually surprised by how low their appetite has reduced and the amount they can eat without gaining any weight. They no longer suffer from excessive appetite and they often feel satisfied with less food than there before. And in fact, they are mostly surprised that they cannot manage the first meal which they might have planned for several days.

Exercising when the dieting is over

Due to low caloric intake you shouldn’t exercise while on the HCG diet. But, workouts are only restricted while on the diet. After you have completed the dieting, and you have achieved your desired weight, you should support the weight loss with effective workout schedules.

Record whatever you are eating

It is important to monitor what you eat. You should know your target point and work to identify any problem foods. Most people are able to stick to around 1700 calories in a day without encountering any problems. You should be careful with what you eat since exceeding 2500 calories in a day will cause problems. And in addition, taking very low calories will also cause problems. It is important that you listen to your body.

How to Use HCG Drops

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin a hormone that is usually produced by women during pregnancy. Various clinical studies that have been conducted on this hormone have found out that it can help to increase metabolism and control hungers. In addition, there have been claims that that HCG drops can aid in weight loss as well as helping pregnant women get all important nutrients and minerals to support both the baby and the mother. HCG diet requires the participant to either take HCG injections or drops or follow severely low calories restricted diet. Although there are claims that HCG has been proven to aid in weight loss, it should be very clear that there have been stringent clinical test to prove the effectiveness of HCG in weight loss. However, thousands of people who have followed HCG diet plan have reported to have gotten positive result on their weight loss campaign. However the biggest challenge that many people face is knowing how to use HCG drops properly. In order to get the best result from using this supplement you must know how to use it and in this article we are going to give you useful tips on how to use HCG drop to help you get the best results.

# Tip 1. Consult your physician.

The first thing that you need to do before you start using HCG drops is to consult your physician. This is a very important step because your physician knows your medical history and will give you the best advice on what you should do so as to get the best result when following this diet plan. When taking HCG drops you will need to go on a crash diet of only 500 calories a day. It is very important to consult your physician to check whether your body is in a good condition to go through this strict diet plan. The doctor will carefully analyze your hormonal levels as well as overall immunity of your body to disease and then advice you basing his decision from the result gotten from the test conducted. If your physician advices you not to proceed with your plans to follow HCG diet ensure that you follow his/her directives to avoid landing in trouble in future. On the other hand, if the physician allows you to go ahead with your plans then you should follow the next tip.

#Tip 2. Buy a suitable HCG bottle.

You need to choose a suitable HCG bottle so as to be able to administer the drops as required. Nowadays, there are many HCG bottles in the market and each of them have different types of dosage program. Due to increase in demand for HCG bottles many companies have mushroomed each claiming to produce high quality HCG bottles. You therefore need to be very careful when choosing HCG bottles if you want to get the best. Ensure that you buy from a brand that is well known to produce high quality HCG bottles. In addition, ensure that you buy the bottle from an authorized dealer. Ensure that the bottle that you buy has 3 things. They include the expiry date of the drops, the amount of weight loss expected as well as the amount of HCG present. The standard values are usually 23 shots for 26 days and 40 shots for 43 days. Ensure that you purchase a HCG bottle that will help you achieve your aimed weight loss target. It is also very important to take the advice and recommendations of your physician on this regard.

#Tip 3. Take HCG drops as prescribed.

To get the best results and to avoid getting yourself into trouble, it is very important to take HCG drops as prescribed on the bottle. For instance, if you are supposed to take 5 drops a day and hold it under your tongue for 5 minutes before swallowing so that the HCG can be absorbed into the bloodstream, ensure that you follow those directives to the latter. Don’t attempt to alter or ignore any given instruction because it may cause serious health issues that are completely unnecessary.

#Tip 4. Follow HCG diet plan.

HCG drops will only be effective if you follow the strict diet plan that has been put in place. If you are willing to take the drops then you must also be willing to follow the strict diet that comes with it. For instance this diet requires you to follow a strict low calorie diet for the first 21 days. According the Dr. Simeons, you are also supposed to avoid eating foods that contain sugar and starches. This means that you should take your coffee or tea without sugar. In addition, only one tablespoonful of milk is allowed in 24 hours. These are some of the restrictions that you have to follow if you want to get the best result at a faster rate when following this diet plan. Even after you stop following this diet plan, do not consume starch and sugar immediately, you need to incorporate them into your diet gradually 3 weeks after you have stopped using the dose.

Here is a list of diet plans for various calorie plans

#Tip 5. Stop taking HCG drops after the last dosage.

Most people are found of continuing taking the HCG drops even after they have completed their dosage. Do not take more dosage immediately after you have completed your previous dosage because you will actually be harming your body. Most people especially those who have not attain their expected results usually tend to continue using the dosage even after completing the recommended dosage. When you do so, you will actually be harming your body and you are more likely to suffer from side effects as a result of not following instructions. Even if you don’t get the desired result even after following this diet to the later, you need to be patient. Dr. Simeons recommend that you should weight for at least six months before you start the second cycle. This way you will give your body enough time to recover and get ready for the next cycle. Don’t be tempted to start the next cycle immediately after the first because you will only be harming your body instead of helping it to achieve the desired results.

The Importance of HCG Injections for Your Health

For those people who are looking to shed some pounds, the search for the best weight loss method is a continuous journey. Being obese or overweight is a very serious concern across the world since being in this condition can lead into depression because of social stigma. Apart from this kind of stigma and the health risks associated with overweight, you can also suffer from emotional pain because of the way society or other people look at you, in general. In regard to that, the HCG injections is one of the best and effective methods of losing weight that can give you results, which you have always wanted.

What’s Really HCG All About?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a female hormone, which comes from a woman’s placenta during pregnancy. It’s basically a primary agent that stabilizes the metabolism of woman during this period. However, being a primary component during pregnancy, this hormone is completely unrelated to what it can provide to your efforts to lose weight. The HCG diet was mainly created to help people lose weight in a healthy way. Based on different effects of this hormone during pregnancy period, medical professionals devised a way to make it a perfect weight loss mechanism for people who want to lose weight quickly, and that is how the HCG injection concept came about.

Is HCG Diet Injection Suitable For Losing Weight?

The HCG products are a proven and guaranteed way to shed some pounds from your body. This weight loss diet has been certified by medical experts – actually, you can legally get it through the prescription of a qualified doctor. That is one of the reasons why HCG diet stands out of all other weight loss methods available out there. You are simply getting a very effective weight loss diet that is widely acknowledged and recognized in the medical industry.

The HCG injections enable those looking to lose weight to go on a facilitated calorie deficit without even having a feeling of starvation. Usually, when you are under a calorie deficit, especially in big numbers as 600 calories and over, you will always feel hungry and weak that can result into binge eating. But with these weight loss diet injections you can eat much less and stay on the right caloric deficit without starving. The diet generally to metabolize the unwanted fat in the body. This is to say, it efficiently burns fat and also enables people to maintain the body muscles. These injections are good enough to make a person survive a 500-calorie diet without the need to break them down.

Are the HCG Injections for Everyone?

As the matter of truth, the HCG injections diet for weigh loss is not for everyone. In fact, not everybody can survive a diet of 500 calories per day. Though, the good thing is that everyone can use this diet for weight loss. Regardless of how much you weigh, there is nothing wrong taking advantages of the effects of these injections. A day diet of 500 calories that is often associated with weight loss methods is not a requirement, but medical experts recommend it for the best results. Comfortably, you can eat over 500 calories a day without gaining weight or failing to see results simply because this weight loss method is proven to work. Medical experts recommend between 500 and 800 calories per day.

When it comes to HCG injections diet, there is a common misconception that it is mainly for women, but this isn’t the case. In fact, even men can highly benefit from this weight loss diet. Of course, you may be deceived by the origins of this HCG, but it is for anyone who wants or needs to lose weight.

The Right Kind of HCG Injection for You

HCG comes in two different kinds – the first one is Pharmaceutical HCG contains 100 percent authentic HCG and its more effective and potent than its counterpart because what you get is real. The other one is Homeopathic HCG and this one doesn’t contain the real Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone, which means that it’s not effective. Its manufacturers dilute the real hormone and add some fillers, which are harmful and ineffective. In short, the best HCG injection should contain Pharmaceutical HCG – apart from the fact that such products are effective, they are also legal and any qualified doctor can prescribe them to you.

Is It Right to Exercise While On the HCG Diet Injection?

Unfortunately, it is not recommended to exercise while under this HCG injections. Even though people who have been under this diet claim to haven’t felt any energy decrease, it’s still very important and necessary to keep your calorie intake always in check. By exercising, performing any rigorous physical activities or, going to a gym, you are simply risking yourself consuming more than just your calorie requirement. Working out might set you into having unnecessary slip ups and end up having binge eat. It’s therefore better to focus on your calorie intake to achieve the best weight loss results.

However, if you still wish to exercise while on the hcg diet then you need to read this article.

The Benefits of Using HCG Injections

As early mentioned, shedding some pounds from the body is a daily challenge for most people who are obese or overweight. Fortunately, the technology these days allows medical professionals to come up with certain ways to make the process of losing weight much simpler and easier. The diet of HCG injection is actually one of the best and effective methods to lose weight even without having to use so much effort. Literally, you can easily lose extra pounds from your body without even working out. Provided that you stay on course and disciplined while having your HCG shots, you will definitely get the results that you always wanted.

In a nutshell, the HCG diet is actually a promising way to lose weight. It’s advised that before starting using HCG injections, try to keep an open mind and always allow yourself to weight available options. All in all, you are rest reassured that once you go for these injections you’ll not regret your decision because of the impact the diet will bring on your body. They are basically the primary ingredients in providing you with a better health and life.