Best HCG Brand – Our Trusted HCG Supplier

We have some great recommendations when it comes to Best HCG brands. We have filtered for you and brought the number to two. For US consumers and the other for International consumers (it also supplies to the US market)

Ultra 6 Diet:

This is the top most HCG supplier on our list. Unfortunately, this supplier caters only to US citizens.

Every now and then it runs offer that is irressisstible. It also has reputation for supplying great offers throughout the year. At present they are running a BOGO (Buy One Get One) Offer. In this offer if you buy 2 HCG bottle you will get 2 HCG bottle free. Moreover, if you buy 3 HCG Bottle you will get 3 HCG bottle free. The cost for this deal is $99 and $149 respectively.

If you are not interested in their BOGO offer you can buy a single bottle which costs only $49 which is the cheapest in the market.

Click here to buy the BOGO or single Bottle. 

The other HCG supplier that we recommend is HCG triumph. This is also a well reputed supplier and caters to international market. If they had an interesting offer they would have been our preference.

Though they do not have any great offers, one interesting thing about them is that they provide 7 Day trial Kit.

This is great for people who are looking to try HCG or test the quality of HCG triumph. It costs only $29 which is fairly priced.

Moreover, their diet store has largest collection of HCG kit. Few of them are hormone free for those who are looking to get hormoneless drops. And few of them are homeopathic for the ones who needs the same. In short their inventory contains everything you need for HCG purchase.

Visit HCG Triumph Inventory