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iHCG Injections Review

This is our review of iHCG injections. For weight loss we recommend HCG drops. However, when it comes to boost testosterone we strongly recommend iHCG injection.

Apart from being pharmaceutical grade, it come with different packages and ships easily.

This is what you get with a one month package costing $115


Advantages of iHCG Injections:

  • pharmaceutical grade HCG
  • 5000 IU hcg
  • comes with mixing kit
  • 25 syringes to inject
  • ships easily in US
  • used by doctors in clinics
  • no prescription necessary
  • Inexpensive @ $115 (other HCG injections costs $297 onwards)
  • toll free number on site to order by phone
  • several payment options
  • Ships worldwide

Here are some disadvantages we noticed:

  • mild side effects like dizziness and nausea (passes off after regular use)

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Mixing Instructions for HCG Injections

In the last few years, many people have realized the importance, efficiency and effectiveness of HCG supplements for burning more fat and losing weight. HCG injections are considered to be the most effective and best weight loss supplements in the market. These days, you can choose from many different HCG suppliers selling injections at affordable prices.

With so many options available in the market, making a choice may seem overwhelming. In order to make an informed choice, you need to choose a reputed company, which has been producing effective HCG injections for a long time. You need a brand that has been loved by customers throughout the country.

What are the Ingredients in HCG Injections?

According to healthcare experts, injections have the highest concentration of HCG. Moreover, most companies combine injections with many other effective ingredients, including L-Carnitine, Ornithine, Glycine, Arginine, Lysine, Tyrosine, Phosphorous and Phenylalanine.

HCG injections have a unique combination of of effective ingredients to target the fat cells in your body, provide you with more energy, keep your body nourished with protein and suppress your appetite. According to experts, if you follow healthy diet plans with the injections, you will be able to lose about 1-2 pounds almost every day.

Most of the products and diet kits from reputed companies provide you with a complete and extensive diet approach. When you make a purchase, you receive a comprehensive HCG diet kit, including the formula, recipes, diet tracker, Vitamin-B complex, measuring syringe and guide report.

How Do HCG Injections Work?

Whenever you purchase any weight loss products from the market, you need to understand how they work and offer benefits. HCG injections can increase the level of HCG hormone in your body. This hormone is also called the pregnancy hormone. It can kick start your body’s weight loss process by boosting your metabolic rate. It can effectively break fat molecules in the body, and start producing a lot more energy. Within days, your body will start burning more fat than you ever imagined.

HCG injections allow you to lose a good amount of weight within a short period of time. According to healthcare experts, if you follow an appropriate exercise regime and healthy diet plan, you notice even better results. Experts recommend an 800 calorie diet while taking this supplement. This weight loss supplement has been specifically designed to promote safe and natural weight loss. Thus, you don’t need to worry about side effects. This product is completely safe.

Benefits of HCG Injections

As mentioned in this review, HCG injections seem to be an effective weight loss supplement. They offer numerous benefits to customers. Some of the most important ones have been discussed below.

Natural & Safe Weight Loss – According to experts, an HCG injection is a completely safe and natural HCG supplement. It can effectively raise the levels of HCG in your body. This increases your metabolic rate, and helps you burn more fat rapidly.

Easy & Convenient – HCG injections are very easy and convenient to administer. Most weight loss products are available in the form of shakes and pills. With pills, you may experience some difficulty swallowing or miss your doses. Similarly, it takes a lot of time to properly mix shakes in milk or other liquids. With injections, you don’t experience such problems.

Over-the-Counter – Unlike other weight loss products available in the market, HCG injections can be easily bought without any prescription. Thus, you can easily buy them online at affordable prices.

Excellent Customer Support – Most companies selling HCG injections offer exceptional customer support. Therefore, if you experience any problems with this supplement, you can get in touch with a representative from the particular company, and get the issue resolved.

Few Considerations 

Like other weight loss products available in the market, even this one has some drawbacks. The major issue with this product is the high price. However, since this product seems to be more effective than other options, most customers don’t mind paying a bit more.

Almost every review on the Internet claims that HCG injections are the most effective and advanced weight loss supplement available in the market. With so much to gain and nothing to lose, HCG injections are worth a shot.

Mixing Instructions for HCG Injections 

While mixing HCG injections, the first step is to eliminate the air inside your HCG vials. You should draw out the air twice with your insulin syringe. This creates some space for Bacteriostatic Water. When you want to get 200IU HCG strength from your daily HCG shot, you need to dilute the supplement with 2.5cc Bacteriostatic Water.

With a mixing syringe, you need to draw out 2.5 cc Bacteriostatic Water. You should inject it into your HCG vial. Until the substance is properly dissolved, you should wiggle it around. In case you don’t have a mixing syringe, you should use a basic insulin syringe. Since an insulin syringe can only contain 1cc liquid, you should draw from the HCG vial twice and once more with a half-full syringe. Keep the mixed vial in the refrigerator, and take it out only for injections.

It’s worth mentioning that an insulin syringe has a standard scale of 10-100. On this scale, 100 represents 1ml or 1cc. You should administer the injections every day around the same time. It’s best to administer the injection after the morning shower. You should draw out just until 10 on the insulin syringe’s scale. This will be around 0.1cc containing 200IU.

Though it’s a tiny amount of liquid, it’s the perfect quantity. With shallow injections, you can experience uncomfortable liquid bulbs under the skin. In case you have a big-sized 30cc bottle filled with Bacteriostatic Water, you can mix several HCG vials. Therefore, you should keep this bottle in storage.

Once you’ve prepared the injection, you can administer it into a fat layer on the body. Most people administer the injection around the belly button. This area is easily accessible. You can even view it easily when administering injections on your own. Before administering the shots, you should sanitize the HCG injection site. You should pinch up the area slightly and insert the needle slightly angled or straight. Once you’ve administered the injection, you should discard it safely, and never reuse it.

Hormone drops and their function

Health is very important to an individual. If you want to do anything or go anywhere, you have to take care of your health first. It is for this reason that diets and exercises have become something of a fad in this day and age.

When you can drive to work, there is no need to walk. Since there is an elevator, there is little need for the stairs. Remotes have negated the need to get up off the couch. Home appliances have negated the need to spend long hours manually doing things. Even computers have replaced something as simple as writing. Many preventive diseases have found a foothold in our societies due to this. Cancer is on the rise as is heart disease and obesity.

Our answer to this is? That would be the diet. Most new diets seem to add onto the others while others veer off topic completely. It is the second type of diet that you have to be careful about. A proper diet should focus on regular and healthy meal intake as opposed to cutting meals out altogether. When it comes to the chemicals going into your body, these should be regulated and dosages should be stated. If you are looking to lose weight and not simply change your lifestyle, you need to combine this exercise with a diet.

There isn’t just one way to lose weight but there are several wrong ones. Most of them are contained in the HCG diet.

The HCG diet

This is a diet that emerged not too long ago and has been under massive fire by doctors and health experts across the board. This particular diet is based on the hormone HCG (Human Chronionic Gonadoptrin) which is produced by pregnant women. HCG is produced normally by placenta cells for the purpose of nourishing a growing fetus. This hormone is then taken and injected into the body on a regular basis.

This “regular basis” is a little strange as well. The hormone is injected into the body for odd cycles of 23 or 46 days unlike other diets which recommend a daily dosage of supplements. This in itself should raise alarm bells. Second, the fact that there is no clear dosage of the amount of HCG to take is another warning bell; so much so that HCG is no longer an over the counter drug but is administered via a doctor’s prescription only.

The recommended food amount allowed by this diet was worrying as well. You are only allowed to take 500 to 800 calories which is very dangerous for the body. The ideal amount of calories that a person should take is more than double that; 2000 for women and 2500 for men daily. Possible side effects of this limitation of calories may be gallstones, irregular heartbeat and an imbalance of the body’s natural electrolytes.

Other regulations of this diet are equally strange. The regulation raises a red flag is the fact that this diet does not allow exercise. All proper diets need to allow exercise and, in fact, encourage it. This should prompt the individual to ask the question; why?

The HCG itself may have adverse side effects on the user including fatigue, irritability, restlessness, depression, fluid buildup, gynecomastia (enlarging of breasts in men) and thromboembolism (blood clots that block the blood vessels. The fact that the dosage of a hormone that could cause all this does not give a proper dosage should be the biggest warning factor of all.

Perhaps the weirdest part in all this is that the diet also limits the use of oils and lotions and hygiene products (yes that includes deodorant). One has to wonder what difference the chemicals and lotions you use topically (on your skin) have to do with your digestion. It is for all these reasons that this diet has gotten heavy criticism from several very credible powers in the health care sector.

Advantages of HCG hormone drops

While there are all these things working against the HCG diet, there are a few that work in its favor. For one thing, it does contribute to weight loss. While it does not go about it the right way, you will actually lose weight. Keeping it off is a whole other problem. Due to the low calorie intake, your body may lower metabolism to suit the “hard times” meaning the moment you stop this diet and go back to eating healthy meals, you may not only gain back the weight you lost, but there is a possibility you will gain beyond that.

Weight loss by this hormone occurs by reducing hunger pangs. This allows the dieter to eat less and still feel comfortable. There are much safer ways to doing this however. There is also no guarantee that the pills can do all this so the only safe bet is to take the injections.

One cause of weight gain could be imbalance of hormones. This could lead to lowering of metabolism allowing you to pack on the pounds faster. The HCG hormone could correct this problem by regulating said hormones and thyroid gland function thus lead to weight loss so this is another point to its favor.

Another problem of dieting is the loss of muscle mass when dieting. As you diet, you should be careful to only shed fat and not muscle. Your muscles are very necessary for every day function and if they are withered away, you more or less lose strength to function. This is especially dangerous if you gain weight right back when you go off a diet. It means you gain back a lot of fat but no muscle and this could take time. HCG avoids the loss of muscle mass as you diet.

Hormone drops should generally provide the hormone to your body if it is in short supply. In this case, there is very little evidence that the HCG hormone drops actually work and you would probably be better off getting the injection instead.


When all is said and done, the choice comes down to the individual. It is no be noted that the diet itself is dangerous and the drugs involved with it now can only be taken under doctor’s orders and under their supervision. True to its word, it does cause weight loss but to what end? You will most likely gain everything you lost to begin with making the diet moot. As a diet choice, it is probably not the best and you need to go back to the drawing board.

How to know if you are allergic to HCG

HCG is a hormone found in women during pregnancy and it stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. This hormone works in the ovary where it enables the development of the eggs. During ovulation, the release of the egg is then stimulated with its help. For this reason, HCG is used by women who have problems ovulating.

HCG is used in medicine to remedy infertility among women. It is used to raise men’s sperm count and its ability to promote the dropping down of testicles inside the scrotum has the hormone used in boys whose testicles have delayed dropping down. The sexual development of boys is also stimulated using the hormone HCG. This is made possible by its ability to promote the release of sex hormones in men.

How HCG is administered

The hormone is injected inside a muscle or directly below the skin. HCG can be administered through sublingual shots or through adoption of a HCG diet instead.

HCG allergic reactions

Signs of an allergic reaction to HCG

HCG contains proteins which people using the drug could be allergic to hence the allergic reactions experienced. Most of these allergic reactions are also usually common. Allergic reactions from a HCG homeopathic drops and diet are usually less severe as those from an injection.

To ensure that the HCG is working as it should, your doctor will carry out regular checks. It is during these visits that they will get a chance to discover how your body is reacting to the hormone so as to make the necessary adjustments to the medication.

How to know if you are allergic to HCG

When allergic to this hormone, one is likely to experience the following

· Feeling light headed and in some instances, one may faint.

· Breathing problems including wheezing and shortness of breath

· The injection site may also be painful and appear to be bruised

· One may also experience symptoms resembling those of hay fever.

· The nose may feel congested and become runny and itchy.

· The eyes will be itchy as well and will turn red and watery.

· Chest tightness

· Hoarseness and coughing

· Cramps in the abdominal area

· Stomach irritation, vomiting, nausea and diarrhea

· The hormone can also trigger tingling of the toes and the hands as well.

· Development of hives and skin rashes where the medication was injected

· The blood pressure may drop to severely low levels at a very fast rate

· The heart rate will also rise and become rapid

· A needles and pins sensation

· Throat, tongue, lip swelling and in some cases, individuals may have their entire face or other body parts swell up

· Development of sores on the tongue or under the tongue

· Itchiness may also be experienced on the area where one has had the injection. However, some will feel it on their hands and others on their feet. Itching is an indicator that one is allergic to HCG. This should however, not be something to be too worried about unless when it becomes intolerable, then medical help is necessary. This can be remedied using a warm bath or a moisturizer. In some cases, the itchiness will disappear on its own with time.

In case of an allergic reaction, one is advised to discontinue use and inform their doctor immediately. Alternatively, they can seek medical attention at the nearest medical facility as soon as possible.

Anti-inflammatory and antihistamine medications are sometimes used to reduce the swelling in the mouth and are quite effective too.

If the allergic reactions are experienced upon use of the drops, one is also advised to verify their suppliers as some of the drops may not contain the HCG.

Some of the reactions are severe while others are a bit mild and will usually go away with time. Skin rashes for instance are in most instances mild and reversible.

How to reduce the allergic reaction to HCG

To reduce the chances of an allergic reaction, Ensure to let your doctor know of any medication you are taking before starting on HCG.

After rubbing the area for injection with alcohol, let it dry first before beginning the injection. Get the needle out immediately after you have emptied it and give it a moment before rubbing it again with the alcohol pad.

Avoid repeated injection on the area exhibiting sensitivity or allergic reaction.

Depending on how severe the reaction is, one may only need to reduce how frequently they use the drug until their doctor believes it is safe for them to continue using it again. Some may need to stop using it for good.

Upon discontinuation of use, the symptoms will usually go away

The use of HCG can also trigger the following

Blood clotting

When blood has clotted, one is likely to experience one or more of the following. The area affected turning red, numb and feeling warm; your limbs may feel tingly too. Headache and dizziness are also likely to be experienced.

Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS)

This is a condition developed usually during the first cycle of treatment with HCG. The symptoms include pain in the abdominal area and in the pelvic region too which is usually severe. The stomach, hands and legs may begin to swell and one may experience some weight gain as well. Other characteristics include less frequency of urinations, vomiting, nausea and diarrhea.

Early puberty

When used in boys, it may result in having them display puberty signs earlier than normal. This includes having hem develop a deepened voice, acne and pubic hair. They may also experience increased sweating.

Other side effects include change in moods, confusion headaches and depression. It can also trigger irritability and breast tenderness which are less serious. Women who use HCG are more likely to have multiple pregnancies some of which could be high risk.

Precautions when using HCG

The hormone is not safe for use during pregnancy as it could result to the baby having birth defects.

Previous allergic reactions to HCG should make you keep away from using it again especially if the reactions were severe.

Women with primary ovarian failure should also not use this hormone

If you are not sure how to inject the hormone, it is wise to get professional assistance instead of doing it yourself. Once you are done with it, ensure that the equipment you used is hygienically and safely disposed.

Is HCG Safe?

I have seen on many weight loss forum people asking whether it is safe to use HCG or not. In this post we shall try to answer this question and quell the myths.

We need to understand how HCG works and what it is. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is a hormone secreted by pregnant women. In fact most pregnancy tests that are available in the market are done with the detection of HCG. In 1970’s it was Dr. Simeon who found that HCG could be used for weight loss. In India it was Dr Simeon who discovered that when a low calorie diet is accompanied with HCG hormone then rapid weight loss occurs in the person.

How it works:

The HCG hormone works on the brain. It is like erasing the memory of a dvd and writing it with your custom program. When you consume HCG hormone the brain is forced into low calorie simultaneously. This reprograms the brain to consume only low calorie diet in future. Hence, what happens over here is that you are teaching your brain to learn new objects of consuming low calorie food.

is It Safe:

Many people argue that since one has to live on low calorie it is dangerous to health. It is true. However, what they are not understanding is that the body is consuming low calorie food accompanied by HCG which further helps in programming the brain. So, even though you are on low calorie diet you are accompanied with the HCG hormone. Hence, it is completely safe to use HCG drops for weight loss.

List of HCG Diet Drops Merchants Online

Today HCG diet drops are sold by many merchants online. Hence it is necessary to ensure that you purchase from a seller who is legit and sells real diet drops. Before you purchase from any merchants whether it is online or offline you need to ensure that they have the current approval.

Click here to Browse List of HCG Diet Drops Merchants.

  1. The merchant should have an approval from the FDA
  2. Most merchants today are importing hcg hormone from other counties, especially from China and India. These imported hormones of hcg drops are considered as illegal according to the FDA. Hence, the hormone should not be imported but manufactured within the country (US).
  3. The above two conditions are crucial however some merchants do get away with the third condition. It is that they lab in which the hcg hormone is manufactured does not has FDA approval. The necessity for a lab to get approval is to ensure the hormone is manufactured according to the regulations of medical board.
  4. Finally the grade of hcg hormone should be pure or also known as pharmaceutical HCG. There are some sellers who to avoid the FDA rules and regulations have come with the idea to create homeopathic hcg drops. In short the homeopathic hcg drops are basically illegal. Hence, always choose the pharmaceutical grade hcg drops.

List of Top HCG Sellers Online

Does HCG Drops really Help in weight Loss?

The simplest answer is yes. However, I am going to tell how it works for the sake of explanation. When you start consuming the HCG hormone metabolism of your body increases. When metabolism increases the body’s ability to burn fat increases. Eventually, you start to lose weight as the body starts to consume fat which is stored in the body. Moreover, it allows  your body not to store food in the future as all the consumed foods are burnt and used up by the system.

How Much Weight can One lose weight HCG hormone?

This is a complex question. There are various factors that decide the amount of weight lost by a person. For example if a person is fat from childhood and still has some baby fat within their system then they will lose some fat. However, if a lean person has gained weight in recent times and wants to lose those gained weight then such persons will lose more weight.

On average it has been noted that a person can lose anywhere between one pound to three pounds per day using the HCG diet. But that is not a fact and it varies greatly with people’s lifestyle.

In short weight loss with HCG diet is a personal goal and not a common goal which can be compared by others.

Can HCG Hormone be prescribed for Weight Loss Legally

The first thing that you should understand is whether it is legal for doctors to oprescribe the hcg hormone as a form of weight loss drugs. I would answer the question in a word but then you would take a negative mindset towards the hormone. Hence, I shall explain the prescription process in detail.

FDA’s view on the drug:

First of all the FDA does not really see the hcg hormone as a supplement to lose weight. In Dr. Simeon’s book it is written that the hcg hormone will increase the metabolism thereby increasing weight loss. However, the FDA after careful study and several experiments has still to find any evidence that will related the hcg hormone with weight loss. To conclude FDA does not view HCG hormone as a weight loss supplement.

Does FDA allow the prescription of HCG for weight loss?

Since, FDA does not consider hcg hormone as a weight loss supplement FDA has not provided its consent for hcg to be prescribed as weight loss supplement. Hence, prescribing hcg hormone as a weight loss supplement is considered as illegal.

Then how is HCG sold in the market:

The only restriction put forth by the FDA is that hCG should not be sold as weight loss supplement. However hcg can be taken as other form of supplement or growth booster.

Is it True that people have lost weight with HCG hormone?

yes, it is true that people have lost weight with hcg hormone even though the FDA has failed to recognize it. There are several real testimonials that speak for itself. If HCG diet was another fad diet then this blog won’t have been present for this long. And I wouldn’t be writing on a product that does not have sales figure.

Therefore, you can lose weight with HCG diet irrespective of whether it is considered as a weight loss supplement or not.

After How Many Days Can You See a Significant Amount of Weight Loss?

Before purchasing a product we all are curious to know as to how long will it take for the product to show significant change. And in this case you must be curious to know as to how long the hcg hormones will take to show noticeable weight loss.

The time Frame:

There is no constant time frame. Obviously the reason is that the weight loss varies from person to person. An obese person who is unable to lose weight from his childhood might take longer duration than the other who has accumulated fat in his adult stage. Hence, giving you are exact time frame might seem impossible.

Taking an average case:

However, we need to provide some answer. Hence, we are considering a case of an average person. The average person had a healthy teenage but somehow after starting work accumulated unwanted amount of weight and fat. The physical activity of such a person is less when compared to others. If such a person undergoes HCG diet then it will take only a week to show noticeable amount of weight loss. Hence, on average you can justify that you will see the results within a week.

It might also take Longer:

HCG is a low in calorie and requires discipline from the end user. Hence, if you lack discipline or your body hasn’t yet adapted to the low calorie then weight loss will take a little longer. For instance, after you have started consuming hcg hormone and are on the low calorie food, your body will assume that you are in a famine stricken environment and will not release the stored fat instead of releasing it. Hence, it can lead to troubles and some side effects like nausea.

However after the calorie loading phase your body will get accustomed and release the fats thereby inducing weight loss.

Beware of Cheap HCG Drops

Just this morning I was reading a post about a certain brand of hcg drop that was selling at 90% discount. I was totally taken back and wondered even if it’s possible. Later I found an interesting fact that totally made me to write this post.

Left over Stock:

Unlike other medical capsules, tablets or syrups there is no exact expiry date for hcg hormone. The expiry date printed on the label is of that presented to you by the company or manufacturer. So, if the label has expiry date as ‘best before 24 months from packaging’ then it is a statement by the manufacturer and not a universal method of calculating the effectiveness of the hormone.

But on an average basis the best time frame for hcg can be given anywhere under a year. Hence, if the bottle is over a year then it turns out to be left over stock and the retailers have a tough time selling.

Marketing the Left Overs:

Now, to sell these you need some offers to entice the customers. Hence, some merchants have come up with the idea of selling it to a 90% discount. And these bottles cost anywhere around $10.

Should you Buy these?

We suggest a strong NO. Obviously the left over stock has less effectiveness and is not worth the money invested. Viewing from the weight loss angle it hardly helps in losing weight. Therefore, in the long end you are losing your money and time. Search for a reasonable priced item and then make the purchase.

In case you are looking for some recommendation then we do have them. A must read post is presented on the right hand side of the page. You might want to read it first. However, we advise you to make your own independent choice.

How to Switch from Homeopathic to Medical HCG Drops

If you have been purchasing your HCG drops online then chances are that they are homeopathic in nature. However, if during your diet phase you have realized that you are on homeopathic drops then you should immediately stop them and switch over to real hcg drops.

Why should one switch from homeopathic to real hcg drops?

People who have been on the homeopathic drops have lost not only weight but lean muscle mass. If you are losing muscle mass then your weight loss isn’t effective. Moreover, the reason why we have stated you to use real hcg drops is because it loses more weight when in comparison with homeopathic drops. Therefore, as long as you are not allergic to hcg drops you shouldn’t opt for the homeopathic type.

How to Switch over to real hcg drops?

Irrespective of in which phase you are we suggest that you stop consumption of hcg drops immediately. The next step for you is to order bottle of real hcg drops. For a list of real hcg retailers click here.

Secondly, jump back to normal eating habits. Since, you have been on the homeopathic hcg drops it is likely that you have lost considerable amount of muscle and weight. You need to regain the lost muscle so that you do not turn fragile in structure.

When the real hcg drops arrive, probably within a week, start from phase 1. This is the best way to switch as you will be able to follow the entire dieting regime with real hcg drop.

Controversy to the above suggestion some people suggest that do not necessarily have to start from the day you have left the homeopathic drops. But we do not recommend them as losing weight with homeopathic drops is completely different compared to losing weight with real hcg drops.