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iHCG Injections Review

This is our review of iHCG injections. For weight loss we recommend HCG drops. However, when it comes to boost testosterone we strongly recommend iHCG injection.

Apart from being pharmaceutical grade, it come with different packages and ships easily.

This is what you get with a one month package costing $115


Advantages of iHCG Injections:

  • pharmaceutical grade HCG
  • 5000 IU hcg
  • comes with mixing kit
  • 25 syringes to inject
  • ships easily in US
  • used by doctors in clinics
  • no prescription necessary
  • Inexpensive @ $115 (other HCG injections costs $297 onwards)
  • toll free number on site to order by phone
  • several payment options
  • Ships worldwide

Here are some disadvantages we noticed:

  • mild side effects like dizziness and nausea (passes off after regular use)

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Mixing Instructions for HCG Injections

In the last few years, many people have realized the importance, efficiency and effectiveness of HCG supplements for burning more fat and losing weight. HCG injections are considered to be the most effective and best weight loss supplements in the market. These days, you can choose from many different HCG suppliers selling injections at affordable prices.

With so many options available in the market, making a choice may seem overwhelming. In order to make an informed choice, you need to choose a reputed company, which has been producing effective HCG injections for a long time. You need a brand that has been loved by customers throughout the country.

What are the Ingredients in HCG Injections?

According to healthcare experts, injections have the highest concentration of HCG. Moreover, most companies combine injections with many other effective ingredients, including L-Carnitine, Ornithine, Glycine, Arginine, Lysine, Tyrosine, Phosphorous and Phenylalanine.

HCG injections have a unique combination of of effective ingredients to target the fat cells in your body, provide you with more energy, keep your body nourished with protein and suppress your appetite. According to experts, if you follow healthy diet plans with the injections, you will be able to lose about 1-2 pounds almost every day.

Most of the products and diet kits from reputed companies provide you with a complete and extensive diet approach. When you make a purchase, you receive a comprehensive HCG diet kit, including the formula, recipes, diet tracker, Vitamin-B complex, measuring syringe and guide report.

How Do HCG Injections Work?

Whenever you purchase any weight loss products from the market, you need to understand how they work and offer benefits. HCG injections can increase the level of HCG hormone in your body. This hormone is also called the pregnancy hormone. It can kick start your body’s weight loss process by boosting your metabolic rate. It can effectively break fat molecules in the body, and start producing a lot more energy. Within days, your body will start burning more fat than you ever imagined.

HCG injections allow you to lose a good amount of weight within a short period of time. According to healthcare experts, if you follow an appropriate exercise regime and healthy diet plan, you notice even better results. Experts recommend an 800 calorie diet while taking this supplement. This weight loss supplement has been specifically designed to promote safe and natural weight loss. Thus, you don’t need to worry about side effects. This product is completely safe.

Benefits of HCG Injections

As mentioned in this review, HCG injections seem to be an effective weight loss supplement. They offer numerous benefits to customers. Some of the most important ones have been discussed below.

Natural & Safe Weight Loss – According to experts, an HCG injection is a completely safe and natural HCG supplement. It can effectively raise the levels of HCG in your body. This increases your metabolic rate, and helps you burn more fat rapidly.

Easy & Convenient – HCG injections are very easy and convenient to administer. Most weight loss products are available in the form of shakes and pills. With pills, you may experience some difficulty swallowing or miss your doses. Similarly, it takes a lot of time to properly mix shakes in milk or other liquids. With injections, you don’t experience such problems.

Over-the-Counter – Unlike other weight loss products available in the market, HCG injections can be easily bought without any prescription. Thus, you can easily buy them online at affordable prices.

Excellent Customer Support – Most companies selling HCG injections offer exceptional customer support. Therefore, if you experience any problems with this supplement, you can get in touch with a representative from the particular company, and get the issue resolved.

Few Considerations 

Like other weight loss products available in the market, even this one has some drawbacks. The major issue with this product is the high price. However, since this product seems to be more effective than other options, most customers don’t mind paying a bit more.

Almost every review on the Internet claims that HCG injections are the most effective and advanced weight loss supplement available in the market. With so much to gain and nothing to lose, HCG injections are worth a shot.

Mixing Instructions for HCG Injections 

While mixing HCG injections, the first step is to eliminate the air inside your HCG vials. You should draw out the air twice with your insulin syringe. This creates some space for Bacteriostatic Water. When you want to get 200IU HCG strength from your daily HCG shot, you need to dilute the supplement with 2.5cc Bacteriostatic Water.

With a mixing syringe, you need to draw out 2.5 cc Bacteriostatic Water. You should inject it into your HCG vial. Until the substance is properly dissolved, you should wiggle it around. In case you don’t have a mixing syringe, you should use a basic insulin syringe. Since an insulin syringe can only contain 1cc liquid, you should draw from the HCG vial twice and once more with a half-full syringe. Keep the mixed vial in the refrigerator, and take it out only for injections.

It’s worth mentioning that an insulin syringe has a standard scale of 10-100. On this scale, 100 represents 1ml or 1cc. You should administer the injections every day around the same time. It’s best to administer the injection after the morning shower. You should draw out just until 10 on the insulin syringe’s scale. This will be around 0.1cc containing 200IU.

Though it’s a tiny amount of liquid, it’s the perfect quantity. With shallow injections, you can experience uncomfortable liquid bulbs under the skin. In case you have a big-sized 30cc bottle filled with Bacteriostatic Water, you can mix several HCG vials. Therefore, you should keep this bottle in storage.

Once you’ve prepared the injection, you can administer it into a fat layer on the body. Most people administer the injection around the belly button. This area is easily accessible. You can even view it easily when administering injections on your own. Before administering the shots, you should sanitize the HCG injection site. You should pinch up the area slightly and insert the needle slightly angled or straight. Once you’ve administered the injection, you should discard it safely, and never reuse it.