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Phase 3 of HCG Diet

The phase 3 of hcg diet is also known as maintenance phase. In this phase you won’t be consuming any HCG. This is because you are slowly trying to maintain your weight. This phase is all about retaining the habit of organic eating that you took over on Phase 2.

When beginning phase 3 you will slowly gain over the calorie in your food intake. For example, you will go for the 1200 calorie diet for a week. Then for the second week you will choose the 1500 calorie. Moreover, you should also note that you are not allowed starch and artificial sweeteners.

The third phase of hcg diet will last for 3 weeks. During this 3 weeks of program you might even gain some few pounds. That is completely okay, as your body is trying to adjust itself. Hence a few pounds will naturally be gained.

Foods to be Consumed:

All the foods mentioned in phase 2 are to be consumed in phase 3. The reason is obvious as you are trying to maintain without HCG. This should be adhered for at least 3 weeks.

Foods to be avoided:

Here are a list of foods that are to be avoided while on Phase 3:

  • Alcohol
  • Sugar
  • Starch
  • Bread
  • Rice
  • Artificial sweeteners

Getting back on Phase 1:

The HCG diet works as a cycle. Once you have finished your phase 3 you are again asked to follow the phase 1 to phase 3 process. Through this process your body will get a time to rest and to lose weight and finally to maintain. The most important thing to note before getting into phase 1 is that you should allow at least 3 weeks of rest for your body after phase 3 before phase 1 is begun.

Note: The 3 week rest does not include the 3 week diet time from phase 3.

Mood alterations:

During the third phase you might find your mood to be altering a bit. This is also naturally. Obviously your mood is being altered due to the reason that your body isn’t getting enough calories.

Hint: Because you are gaining few pounds in the third phase do not try to restrict your calorie intake any further. This is maintaining phase as well as resting phase. Hence, allow your body to take rest without including the above avoidance food.

Phase 2 of HCG Diet

This is the phase where you lose weight. This phase is also known as VLCD which stands l413926422for Very Low Calorie Diet. This phase ranges either for 26 or 43 days. You will be living on a very low calorie diet. There are three options:

  • 500 calorie diet
  • 800 calorie diet and
  • 1200 calorie diet.

I do not recommend the 500 calorie as it might turn dangerous. The other 800 calorie and 1200 calorie are okay. However, you will require consulting your physician before starting with the diet program. This is done in order to ensure that your body is in a position to withstand such low amounts of calories.

Getting through the Phase 2:

Getting through the phase2  can be a tedious task, especially during the first few days. Your body which was accustomed to large calorie intake will be shocked at sudden drops in calorie. With the help of HCG, however, your body will be able to maintain the low calorie as HCG helps as an appetite suppressant.

Yet for some people the first few days can be hard to go through. I advice them to commit to diet before beginning. Visualize your goal of losing weight and do not deviate from it.

Avoiding temptations:

If you are a mom or cook for the family or for yourself you might be tempted to take a morsel or two of high fat foods. If you are cooking for the family ask your spouse to take care of the task until you are finish with the diet. Or better hire a servant if you have the money to do so. Do not talk about foods or even think about it. Better yet do not watch any program over the television that discusses food. You need to shun your thoughts on food.

Prepare your meal in advance:

Prepare your meal far in advance. For example, prepare the meal for the week ahead and store in your fridge. This way you can take the meal, just heat it and consume them. If not you can also take that to work.

Kindly remember that if you are deviating from the phase 2 and occasionally grabbed a fast food for dinner it does not matter. Do not punish yourself and starve the next day. Just give yourself time and note to yourself never to deviate again.


Phase 1 of HCG Diet

Phase 1 is the most crucial part of HCG diet. Some, however, skip it thinking it isn’t vital enough HCG-Diet-Phase-1-172x300for weight loss. But let me remind and have it sculpted in your brain that the better you do the Phase 1 the better you will lose weight.

What Should I do in Phase 1?

Phase 1 spans for first three day of the HCG diet. You will consume high fat and high protein foods as you wish. There are literally no restrictions during this period. Along with the unrestricted consumption of foods you will also consume HCG drops. Except for fast foods and foods that are too greasy like pizzas you can have almost anything you want. Some healthy foods that you can consume are avacadoes, cheese and nuts.

Why is Phase 1 Necessary?

Hypothalamus is an organ that is responsible for many functions within your body. One of the main functions is to store and release fats depending upon the energy required by the body. During the phase 1 when you consume high fat and protein foods the hypothalamus is stimulated. This ensures that the body stores fat in high numbers and also releases them in large numbers.

Since, we are consuming the HCG hormone during the phase 1 the fat that we consume are not going to be stored. Obviously, the fats are however, being released as the hypothalamus is stimulated. The HCG hormone that you have consumed will use the about to be stored fat as energy.

An extra mile further:

If you want to take the phase to an extra mile further then do a colon cleanse. A colon cleanse will rid your system of junk foods that your guts has been consuming for the past years. Therefore, when you are starting the HCG diet you will feel refreshed and lose more weight than doing the above things.

Please note: The colon cleanse is optional. However, I recommend that you do it for better results.