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Phase 3 of HCG Diet

The phase 3 of hcg diet is also known as maintenance phase. In this phase you won’t be consuming any HCG. This is because you are slowly trying to maintain your weight. This phase is all about retaining the habit of organic eating that you took over on Phase 2.

When beginning phase 3 you will slowly gain over the calorie in your food intake. For example, you will go for the 1200 calorie diet for a week. Then for the second week you will choose the 1500 calorie. Moreover, you should also note that you are not allowed starch and artificial sweeteners.

The third phase of hcg diet will last for 3 weeks. During this 3 weeks of program you might even gain some few pounds. That is completely okay, as your body is trying to adjust itself. Hence a few pounds will naturally be gained.

Foods to be Consumed:

All the foods mentioned in phase 2 are to be consumed in phase 3. The reason is obvious as you are trying to maintain without HCG. This should be adhered for at least 3 weeks.

Foods to be avoided:

Here are a list of foods that are to be avoided while on Phase 3:

  • Alcohol
  • Sugar
  • Starch
  • Bread
  • Rice
  • Artificial sweeteners

Getting back on Phase 1:

The HCG diet works as a cycle. Once you have finished your phase 3 you are again asked to follow the phase 1 to phase 3 process. Through this process your body will get a time to rest and to lose weight and finally to maintain. The most important thing to note before getting into phase 1 is that you should allow at least 3 weeks of rest for your body after phase 3 before phase 1 is begun.

Note: The 3 week rest does not include the 3 week diet time from phase 3.

Mood alterations:

During the third phase you might find your mood to be altering a bit. This is also naturally. Obviously your mood is being altered due to the reason that your body isn’t getting enough calories.

Hint: Because you are gaining few pounds in the third phase do not try to restrict your calorie intake any further. This is maintaining phase as well as resting phase. Hence, allow your body to take rest without including the above avoidance food.