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HCG Drops Pros & Cons

A fad is something that can be defined as a temporary interest, an interest which takes hold for a short amount of time and then gradually decreases. However, there are some fads, which keep returning like the proverbial bad pennies or, establish their dominance in the psyche so very firmly that they refuse to let go or they refuse to leave, no matter how strongly we try to rid of them.

Weight what!?

Indeed, although there are many such fads in the 21st century, which have quite a significant amount of social significance, there is one which is currently dominating the World Psyche, one which has captured countless minds in its relentless talons and has nearly driven most people to near insanity: weight gain and its antagonist, weight loss.

Indeed, ours has become such a world where even the slightest amount of weight gain is shamed and reviled and where people go hungry, sometimes for days on end, just to look like hourglasses (in the case of women) and Arnold Schwazzaranger  (in the case of men).

HCG drops to the rescue

If you too happen to be one of those very people, then you have come to the right place indeed, for we shall help you to achieve your dream by introducing you to HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropic drops, or drops which consist of the hormone known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is known for its weight loss properties as it makes the body oxidize the fats stored in it so as to release the energy stored in those fats.

Indeed, people all over the world have reported that when they inculcated the timely and orderly consumption of the HCG diet drops in their daily food intake, they experienced a rapid loss of weight, and that too all in the right areas.

However, like all things, and just like roses have thorns, HCG Drops too have their own pros and cons.

Pros and Cons

We will begin by listing out the pros.

  • Due to the low calorie intake, people would obviously feel hungry. Thus HCG drops help in regulating or lessening the hanger, which is quite beneficial.
  • They restrict or prevent future fats from developing in the future
  • They increase muscle growth by reducing toxins
  • They make one more energetic by modifying the metabolism.


As stated before, every rose has thorns. Similarly, HCG drops too have their flaws.

  • Some of the most noticeable side effects of HCG drops are: abdominal pains, headaches, nausea etc to name some of them.
  • They are not wholeheartedly supported by the acclaimed medical experts all over the world.
  • They cannot perform or carry out the weight loss of the person involved
  • The consumers are requested to not perform any kind of exercise while on the diet.



Therefore, despite having the above mentioned cons or shortcomings, we would like to recommend you to go ahead and purchase HCG drops today and achieve almost magical weight loss results.

Buy HCG drops real today.

Benefits of HCG Diet Drops Program

HCG diet drops consists of a controlled diet that will involve a 500 calorie diet combined with HCG drops. The HCG drops can be administered in form of an injection or drops. HCG are hormones that are naturally available in breast feeding mothers. Their main function is to convert fats in the body of the mothers into milk for the baby to breastfeed on. The hormones bring the same effect when introduced to both men and women who will like to lose weight. They lead to the breaking down of fats which can be utilized by the body as energy. This at the long run leads those who will like to lose weight achieve great results in losing weight. The HCG diet drops program has been tested and it is very effective in losing weight. In case you will like to lose weight, then you should consider making use of this program. It will lead you to losing weight very fast.

Benefits of making use of HCG diet drops to lose weight

  1. Makes the body to lose weight naturally

There are no side affects you will be faced with after you decide to make use of the diet program. The HCG drops will make your body work in a natural way and get rid of excess fats from your body. You will not be required to get involved in strenuous exercises which will lead you to muscle pains. The drops will make your body respond in converting fats in your body into energy. This will lead you to getting rid of excess fats easily. In fact HCG diet drops is a program that you can use for you to easily get rid of excess weight from the comfort of your home. For those who will not like to spend several hours at the gym bare they can lose weight, the program is very suitable for them.

  1. It is very helpful in getting rid of coronary complications

The diet program is very helpful in normalizing the cholesterol level in the body. This makes it among the best ways that you can use for you to get rid of excess cholesterol from your body. High levels of cholesterol can expose you to different cardiovascular complications, but after you resort to making use of the diet program you will be very lucky. The diet will help you in getting rid of the excess cholesterol in a natural way hence leading you to enjoying great results in your struggle to get rid of excess cholesterol.

  1. Improves rate of metabolism and helps in burning fat fast

The hormones available in the diet program helps in improving the rate of metabolism. This in return will lead you to burning more fats. In case you are looking for ways of burning more fats in a natural way, then you should consider making use of the diet program. It is very effective in increasing the rate of your metabolism which will impact positively on the amount of fats you will burn. The HCG diet drops program has been tested and proved to be very effective in improving the rate of metabolism.

  1. It does not involve a lot of exercises

You may be too busy in your daily schedule to an extent where you cannot access free time for you to attend the gym where you will get involved in exercises for you to burn excess fats. That is not the case after you decide to go for this program. The program is very effective in helping you burn fats from your body in a natural way without the need of getting involved in strenuous exercises. In case your body will not allow you to get involved in strenuous exercises, you will find the program very helpful in ensuring you maintain healthy body weight. The program has been used by many people and they registered great results in maintaining their body weight. You too will be among those who will benefit a lot after you decide to try the program in losing weight. The diet can lead you to losing up to a pound in a single day.

  1. The program is safe for you to use

The program has been passed through many clinical tests and it has been proved to be very effective. After you decide to try the program you will have made the best decision, it will help you in realizing your weight loss dreams. There are no adverse side effects that have been recorded by those who have tried the program. This makes it among the best programs that you can try in case you will like to lose weight naturally and at the same time avoid adverse side effects.

  1. Diminishes craving for sugar contents

Eating sugary foods will lead you to increasing weight due to high calories associated with them. There are some people who will try to lose weight but their cravings for sugar contents makes them fail to achieve their set goals. It is very easy to get rid of sugar cravings after you decide to try the HCG diet drops program. The HCG hormones available in the program are very effective in making your body beat the cravings for sugar. This will lead you to achieving great results in your struggle to lose weight. In case you are among those who have been affected by cravings for sugar leading you to fail in realizing your weight lose goals, you will be very lucky after you resort to the program.

  1. Increases level of libido for both sexes

You may have libido problems apart from being overweight, after you decide to try the diet program you will achieve great improvements in your libido. The diet program has been proved to be very effective in helping both men and women in increasing their libido. In case your marriage was in the risk of breaking due to your low sex drive, you will easily save the marriage after you resort to making use of the diet program. You can just buy the HCG drops over the counter and use simple instructions provided on how to use it.

5 Shocking Side Effects of HCG Drops (last one is Dangerous)

last updated Feb 18th 2018

Weight loss is an issue many people battle with. This has seen weight loss experts devise numerous ways to help people shed off excess weight. Hcg diet drops are one kind of weight loss products developed to help obese people lose weight faster. It is a combination of very low calorie intake and the use of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), a hormone produced during pregnancy. Hcg works by prompting the human body to stimulate fat deposits and supply energy to a baby during pregnancy. This is actually where the weight loss concept comes in.

However just like any other weight loss supplement HCG drops also have their own side effects. It is important that you understand these side effects before you opt for HCG drops.

HCG drops side effects


Constipation is characterized by infrequent bowel movements as well as great difficulty when passing stools. While on HCG drops you may experience constipation due to the restricted diet, note that HCG diet only permits you to take up to 500 calories per day. The other disadvantage is that the diet does not permit you to take laxatives, instead you can use suppositories which are inserted through the rectum. Laxatives are prohibited by HCG diet proponents because they are believed to contain extra fat.

Leg cramps

You can experience leg cramps due to the lack of potassium available in the diet. This is because the diet does not allow you to take any bananas. However this is a side effect that you can easily deal with. Simply get potassium supplements and the leg cramps will be history. On the other hand if you feel like taking the potassium supplements is too much simply go for multivitamins.

Headaches and dizziness

This is a side effect experienced by users during the first few days on the diet. This is because their body systems are trying to adjust to the diet. Remember when you take HCG drops you are introducing a new hormone into your body and the body has to fight back. For the headaches you can simply take painkillers. Also be sure to drink a lot of water as this will make you feel better.

Dizziness on the other hand comes as a result of the reduction or elimination of carbohydrates while on HCG drops. Healthy carbohydrates derived from the consumption of foods such as sweet potatoes and beans are very important for normal functioning of the human body. These carbohydrates are necessary for your system to effectively control your blood sugar levels. Unsteady blood sugar levels coupled with the low calorie intake will therefore make you feel dizzy and confused.

Skin rash

Skin rash is normally experienced when using HCG drops. The rash is usually mild and is not due to the components of the HCG hormone but rather the mechanisms used by the hormone to rid the body of unwanted fat deposits. HCG drops eliminate fat from the body at very high speeds which in turn leads to too much toxins being accumulated in the body. It is these excess toxins that cause the rash.

Another skin problem arises when you get to lose excess weight. This leads to the sagging of skin especially in the areas around the chest and face.

Breast enlargement in boys and men

Gynecomastia which is a term used to refer to the enlargement of the male breast tissues is also another very dangerous side effect of HCG drops. Firstly, a man may develop breasts due to the restricted nutrition characterizing the use of HCG drops. This is because when the body is deprived of enough nutrition testosterone levels reduce. The hormone also encourages the conversion of testosterone to estrogen which explains the abnormal breast enlargement in the male species. Gynecomastia can be very embarrassing and that is why any man should consult a doctor before embarking on the HCG weight loss diet.

Another problem experienced by men on HCG drops is prostrate hypertrophy. Prostrate hypertrophy refers to the enlargement of the prostate glands. This does not increase your chances of having prostate cancer though, however if you already have the cancer then HCG may worsen it.

Nutritional deficiencies

Being on the HCG diet does not in any way promote a balanced diet. This is because it restricts what you eat. A healthy and balanced diet implies consuming foods from each of the four known food groups. When you do not get to eat well you are bound to suffer from certain nutritional deficiencies. Besides that a low calorie diet can make you susceptible to irregular heartbeats, gallstones and other numerous health complications.

Unsafe for pregnant and breast feeding mothers

Pregnant mothers should not partake of the HCG drops. This is because first, you already have a natural supply of the hormone to nourish your growing baby as such there is no need for more. Secondly, the nutritional restrictions of the diet are not at all safe for an expectant or breast feeding woman. Lack of proper feeding during pregnancy can lead to birth defects as well as other complications. As such if a woman was on HCG before getting pregnant, she should stop it immediately as soon as she takes in.

Other side effects include

Mood swings



Bad breath

Hair thinning



Blood clots


Despite all the mentioned side effects, hcg drops are preferred by many over the hcg injections. Most medical practitioners however are still skeptical about the theory behind losing weight using HCCG diet. This is due to the fact that it does not advocate for any physical activities. HCG drops if combined with exercise can yield great and even long term results. Some opponents also believe that HCG drops weight loss is only temporary and once you are off it you get to gain weight faster.

Human beings have different anatomies. That explains why some people experience HCG drops side effects while others do not. As such it is important that you understand yourself as well as your current medical situation. If possible work hand in hand with a doctor. If the side effects are too severe then better get off the diet.

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Personal comparison of Sublingual Drops and HCG Injections

I have been writing on this blog for sometime and hardly do I share my personal experience. The reason is obvious as most of the time they are not relevant to the information that I am about to share.

This time it is a little different. My personal experience might change your view of sublingual drops and hcg injections. Therefore, I am sharing this information and hope that you too will benefit from it.

I always prefer hcg drops as they are not only safe but cheap. But I have heard that HCG injections are much more effective than hcg drops. Hence, I decided to give it a try.

I visited reputed doctor whose information I received through an online directory. He checked me up for about half an hour and said that I was in shape to undergo the HCG diet. He prescribed me doses of HCG injections and with them he included energy shot. He said that I will be needing them.

Now, as I said I have never ever used HCg injections before. I was afraid that I might get myself into trouble as I didn’t had the slightest idea of how to inject myself. The doctor smiled at my fear and said that injecting was nothing more than piercing. After a little more explanation from the doctor I was happy and returned home with the prescription.

Now let me compress the story of 60. I had purchased HCG injections for over $650 and lost nearly 25 pounds. That wasn’t great as I would have lost more weight with HCG drops. Now, there was no difference in the diet regime with the injections. However, the only difference that I noticed was that it was too expensive when compared with drops. Had I opted for sublingual drops I would have lost more weight than ever.

The conclusion is open upto you. You can decide which is best basing the facts placed within the story. But I will stick to HCG drops.

Dangers of HCG Diet – The Real Truth

Okay, so I was browsing the other day on the internet looking for some info on HCG diet that I could work on. Although I wasn’t able to find some new info, I found some myths surrounding the HCG diet. In this post I would Like to discuss them and shoo away those myths.

Dangers of HCG fast diet:

The myth that I was talking about was the fact that most bloggers (mostly the ones who are looking to earn some bucks over the internet writing articles without any expert knowledge) think that HCG diet is unsafe. Their belief is that fast diet is worth not the risk regarding the healthy point of view.

First of all like all HCG has it’s own side effects like nausea and abdomen pain. But these occurs not from the diet but from the process of detoxing which is part of the diet system. Apart from that there has been no side effects recorded yet.

Being said that you can now be relieved as there is no danger to life or health with the fast diet.

So what happens to the system when on HCG diet?

You need to understand this info to dispel the myth. A HCG diet is usually a low calorie diet of 500 or 800. When your body is low calorie in the first week, it will throw those side effects as it is not adapted to low calorie intake. Then again you are using those hcg drops to suppress your hunger. After the first week your body will start adapting to the regime. Therefore, from the second week you do not have any trouble following the diet.

In the third week of the diet your hypothalamus is reprogrammed so that your body averts at the thought of fatty foods. This is done by hcg hormones. They are effective in this stage. Later, even if you have stopped using the HCG diet you will still be able to keep those weights off.

As, you can see there are no dangers in HCG diet.

Nope, there are dangers if you do things in a wrong way:

I can guarantee that you will face no dangers in the HCG diet regime if you are doing everything according to the protocol. However, if you are trying to act smart and not adhering to the instructions then you might fall into the danger zone.

Most people think that they can follow the diet for three or four days and then get back to normal routine. I am sorry but this is not how HCG diet works. Your body will be thrown from lower metabolism rate to higher metabolism rate which will turn into a disaster. Therefore, stick to the diet with heart and soul.



Pros and Cons of HCG Drops or Diet

Today we shall discuss the pros and cons of HCG diet program or drops as it is usually called. I am trying to make an unfeigned comparison to my best:

Pros of HCG drops:

1)     First, it helps in controlling hunger. Why is that so? When you are under HCG diet, you will also be under a low calorie diet. Eventually you will get frequent hunger pangs that you will learn to control and master in the end.

2)     The metabolism rate of your body is greatly increased with HCG drops i.e. the fat burning rate of your body will be higher than ever.

3)     It helps in detoxifying your body. In other words, it helps your body to get rid of waste materials, which in itself loses a significant amount of weight.

4)     The HCG drops also prohibits your body from further accumulation of fat. Therefore, you needn’t worry about gaining fat on later stage (as long as you are on the drops)

5)     You can easily lose around 1-3 lbs of weight per day using HCG drops.

6)     Finally, it can be administered with ease. You can either use it as oral drops or inject it within your body.

Now, that we have seen the pros let us find the cons of this diet program:

Cons of HCG drops:

1)     Side effects include headaches, nausea abdominal pain that is common in most dieting program as your body is responding to detoxification.

2)     You are not allowed to exercise with this diet even though if you feel like doing some exercise.

3)     These drops are mostly sold without medical supervised program. So, there is little to no medical support.

4)     HCG drops work great only with proper diet. The drops alone have little to no effect.

5)     Fatty foods are completely forbidden with this diet regime.

This is the end of our pros and cons. Actually, these are the ones that I found while using the Drops. But if you would like to add some of your own then kindly do so within the comment section. Looking forward to your feedback.