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List of top Rated HCG Brands

Here is our list of top HCG Brands in the Market. All these sellers have pharmaceutical grade hcg hormone and you can buy from them with ease.

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#1 HCG Triumph (Link to Official Site)

This is the best supplier when pure HCG Hormones comes into question. They also have free shipping and great bundles. Their HCG store is definitely a place to look for every sort of HCG drops you would have ever heard. Interestingly, they also run a 7-day trial that will cost you only $29 bucks so that you can test them before purchasing. And their single 26 Day bottle starts at $99.

#2 HCG Complex (Link to Official Site)

HCG Complex have changed their formula to homeopathic drops.

HCG Complex is a great place for starters to get their hands on HCG drops. They sell professional grade HCG drops. Moreover, their single bottle starts at just $69. Currently, they are running an offer of Buy One Get One Free. We don’t know for how long it will be available. Get the offer until it’s available. Note – their site takes few seconds to load so pls be patient.

#3 NuImage Medical (Link to Official Site)

If we talk about HCG hormone with medical supervision then NuImage Medical should be placed on the top. The reason as to why we have placed it on #3 is because they are a bit expensive (price starts at $297 for 26 day kit!) which is inclusive of support. If you are a fan of HCG injections or require medical support while on the HCG diet then we strongly recommend this retailer.

Top 3 HCG Injections

Here is our independent rankings of top HCG injections retailers. Feel free to choose from any of them.


iHCGinjections: (Link to Official site) – They are cheap, high quality and best for men who are looking to boost testosterone. Price starts from $115 which you won’t get with any other HCG retailer. If you are new or are looking to buy HCG injections other than weight loss purposes then this is the Go to place.

Nuimage Medical: (Link to Official site) – The price is steep but there is a reason for it – you get online support. However, this program is only meant for weight loss. Hence, if you are looking to lose weight then we suggest you buying HCG injections from this retailer.

Cojach: (Currently unavailable): Again, this is meant for those who are looking to lose weight. Unfortunately, they do not have any support during the program. Moreover, they are expensive than Nuimage Medical. The reason its in our list is because of the injections quality.

HCG Complex Review

In the past we have been recommending other HCG Retailers for our readers. However, during recent times we got a suggestion from one of our readers that HCG complex is one of the best HCG Drops in the market and kindly requested us to review it independently.

And so we are here with our review of HCG Complex

The quality:

Like any other HCG retailer the HCG Complex has pharmaceutical grade hcg hormone present. This in itself is a mark of purity. Other brands have no presence of HCG drops and sell them as homeopathic which is nothing less than cheating. Secondly, the quality of the hormone is not less but greater than others as it comes with a mixture of other essential ingredients. Most of these ingredients are meant to provide you energy. For instance, while you are on the hcg diet you will experience loss of energy and might need an extra dose of B12. But in case of HCG Complex you won’t need as the B12 is present within the hormone. There are several other hormones which are essential for effective weight loss.

Buy One Get One Offer:

Throughout the year they are selling their product with an offer of Buy one and Get One. This is great because it is hard to find such a quality product with such an exciting offer. Hence, you shouldn’t miss it.

30 Return Policy:

The above are okay factors in purchasing HCG Complex. But this factor of 30 return policy with no questions asked is very interesting and ensures safety to consumers. If for some reason you do not like the product then you can always return it. This factor itself makes it a must buy product.

Click here to visit HCG Complex website

HCG Triumph Review

For a long time we have writing about hcg drops but hardly have we written about hcg suppliers or have reviewed them. But we have decided to start reviewing some of the hcg drop suppliers and find the best of the best.

In this first article we will be reviewing HCG triumph which is a great supplier globally.

HCG triumph is a pioneer in hcg drops. Therefore, HCG triumph has all the latest technologies in manufacturing and extracting hcg drops.

Pharmaceutical Grade HCG drops:

Mostly we recommend all throughout our site to always for a pharmaceutical grade hcg drop. This is due to the reason that the pharmaceutical grade hcg hormones are effective in nature and bring about weight loss rapidly. Moreover, only these kind of hormones are recommended by FDA or allowed to be prescribed. And HCG triumph is a great merchant and number one when it comes to real hcg drops.

Hormone Free HCG Drops:

Some people who have used the pharmaceutical grade hcg drops have found that they are allergic to it. Moreover, women who are nearing their menopause or are about to conceive should not use the HGC hormone as any form of supplement as it will screw with your system. Hence, HCG triumph has come with a type of hormone free drop that does not contain the hcg hormone but is effective in weight loss. The ingredient ranges to a list of several herbs that constitute hormone free drops.


The first and most important reason for rating HCG triumph as #1 is their quality of hormone. And the second reason is that they have several other offers that no other supplier has on the market. Recently they had BOGO (Buy One Get One Offer) sale which we hope should be running now for sometime. Hence, HCG triumph is a great place to buy all your HCG diet supplements.

Click here to visit the official site of HCG Triumph

Order HCG Drops for Just $49

If you are looking to order some hcg drops then why not order the one that is cheap without cutting on the quality?

Presently, there is a offer in which a single bottle will cost you no more than $49. If you think that this price is high then look at the various hcg suppliers and you will notice that they are selling it for not less than $79.

Moreover, there is another offer called as BOGO which stands for Buy One Get One. This is the offer in which you have to buy two hcg bottles worth $99 and get two bottles completely free. In total you will get 4 bottles of HCG for $99

There is another offer by the same seller in which you have to buy 3 Bottles of HCG and you get 3 bottles completely free which is worth $149.

Click here to visit the offer page. 

However, before you can visit the offer page you will be forced to provide a detailed info. I know this is annoying but you will be surprised at the offer presented at the other page.

We also have listed some of the top hcg brands in the online market. If interested you can browse the category.

Click here to browse top hcg brands. 

What is the Cost of HCG Diet?

In this post we review the general pricing of hcg diet. First of all you need to understand that the hcg diet comes in two forms.

In the first form the hcg diet is used without any medical support. This is the cheapest method to go for. If you are sure about what you are doing and are following the steps mentioned in the hcg diet protocol then it is great. A single drop of HCG bottle is sufficient to get you results within a month. It is going to cost you $80 per bottle. Interestingly there are some merchants that will provide the hcg diet guide for free with every purchase. One such merchant is HCG Official and we strongly recommend them for your HCG purchase.

The second form is with medical support. In this a medical expert will guide you through phone conversation or online chat. But this is pretty expensive like $200 bucks a month or even more. However, you have medical experts at your disposal therefore, there is no need of fear. If you have any questions you can always depend on them.

click here to get more information hcg diet with medical supervision.

Where to Buy Pharmaceutical Grade HCG Drops?

Learn where to buy pharmaceutical grage HCG drops and how to detect a hcg supplier selling pharmaceutical drops.

It is easy and not a big deal. However, one thing you should know that other than pharmaceutical drops any hcg is considered as illegal in US. The FDA allows the supply of HCG upon prescrition but does not allow any other adulterated or added solution into the HCG.

Before you purchase from any supplier look whether they manufacture within the US as per the guidelines. Every Medicinal manufacturer in the US is given a certificate which guarantees the quality of the product. If you are buying offline you may not be able to find the certificate. But if you are purchasing online then you will find the certificate over the merchant’s site.

We strongly recommend that you buy from HCG triumph as they not only manufacture in US but are trusted and recommended by doctors. If you are unsure you can visit their site and from there you can notice on the top right corner where a sign says that they have recommended and verified by doctors.

Click here to Visit from HCG triumph.

Best HCG Brand – Our Trusted HCG Supplier

We have some great recommendations when it comes to Best HCG brands. We have filtered for you and brought the number to two. For US consumers and the other for International consumers (it also supplies to the US market)

Ultra 6 Diet:

This is the top most HCG supplier on our list. Unfortunately, this supplier caters only to US citizens.

Every now and then it runs offer that is irressisstible. It also has reputation for supplying great offers throughout the year. At present they are running a BOGO (Buy One Get One) Offer. In this offer if you buy 2 HCG bottle you will get 2 HCG bottle free. Moreover, if you buy 3 HCG Bottle you will get 3 HCG bottle free. The cost for this deal is $99 and $149 respectively.

If you are not interested in their BOGO offer you can buy a single bottle which costs only $49 which is the cheapest in the market.

Click here to buy the BOGO or single Bottle. 

The other HCG supplier that we recommend is HCG triumph. This is also a well reputed supplier and caters to international market. If they had an interesting offer they would have been our preference.

Though they do not have any great offers, one interesting thing about them is that they provide 7 Day trial Kit.

This is great for people who are looking to try HCG or test the quality of HCG triumph. It costs only $29 which is fairly priced.

Moreover, their diet store has largest collection of HCG kit. Few of them are hormone free for those who are looking to get hormoneless drops. And few of them are homeopathic for the ones who needs the same. In short their inventory contains everything you need for HCG purchase.

Visit HCG Triumph Inventory

FDA Approved HCG Hormone Drops and Injections

Are you looking for FDA approved HCG Drops or HCG injections then you are in for a surprise.

The HCG diet itself has never been approved by FDA. Why? Though Dr Simeons had did his research and published the results in Pounds and Inches the FDA and other medical communities never actually saw any proof in it that the HCG hormone helps in weight loss.

What you should be looking for is FDA approved manufacturing process. This is the one that will help you in choosing genuine HCG products.

Can HCG be bought even without FDA approval?

Yes, HCG can be bought but that is your independent decision. I do not have the authority to force you into buying. It is your own choice. But there are people who have witnessed weight loss using HCG diet. The reason as to why it is still in the market is that people have found the hcg diet to be helpful in some way or the other.

HCG Diet for Men

The HCG Diet is common for both men and women. There has been no indication that the HCG diet or the supplements provided are meant only for women.

We have presumed that the HCG is very famous among women. It is not only HCG. In fact every diet program that enters the market is famous with women because it is the women who wish to lose weight when in comparison to men.

Therefore, you need not have to carry the though that hcg diet is meant for the fair sex.

You can purchase the drops from anywhere you want and it will be effective for both the genders.

Good Luck to you!