What is the Cost of HCG Diet?

In this post we review the general pricing of hcg diet. First of all you need to understand that the hcg diet comes in two forms.

In the first form the hcg diet is used without any medical support. This is the cheapest method to go for. If you are sure about what you are doing and are following the steps mentioned in the hcg diet protocol then it is great. A single drop of HCG bottle is sufficient to get you results within a month. It is going to cost you $80 per bottle. Interestingly there are some merchants that will provide the hcg diet guide for free with every purchase. One such merchant is HCG Official and we strongly recommend them for your HCG purchase.

The second form is with medical support. In this a medical expert will guide you through phone conversation or online chat. But this is pretty expensive like $200 bucks a month or even more. However, you have medical experts at your disposal therefore, there is no need of fear. If you have any questions you can always depend on them.

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