FDA Approved HCG Hormone Drops and Injections

Are you looking for FDA approved HCG Drops or HCG injections then you are in for a surprise.

The HCG diet itself has never been approved by FDA. Why? Though Dr Simeons had did his research and published the results in Pounds and Inches the FDA and other medical communities never actually saw any proof in it that the HCG hormone helps in weight loss.

What you should be looking for is FDA approved manufacturing process. This is the one that will help you in choosing genuine HCG products.

Can HCG be bought even without FDA approval?

Yes, HCG can be bought but that is your independent decision. I do not have the authority to force you into buying. It is your own choice. But there are people who have witnessed weight loss using HCG diet. The reason as to why it is still in the market is that people have found the hcg diet to be helpful in some way or the other.