From Where to Buy HCG Drops?

In My Opinion there are nearly around 1000+ websites or companies selling HCG hormone over the internet. Unfortunately most of them are scammers, who will never deliver the product while the other half provide HCG drops combined with other drugs. It is only few sites that provide real, legit and 100% hcg drops.

In this post I will guide in sorting out sites from where you can buy only legit HCG hormone drops.

1) Always try recommendation. If your friends or family members have purchased HCG hormones from a certain company or website then it is well established source and you can buy from it without fear. If none of your friends or families have ever purchased any HCG product look for someone who has already did.

2) When you are on a HCG selling website look for the number of products. If they are selling like only one or two products including products from other categories then skip it immediately. Sites that have fewer  products are poorly established or new in the market. You do not want to take risk or do business with someone who is fairly new.

3) Look for the delivery period. If you are living in the US then the product purchased should be delivered within 24 hours. There are really great delivery services that provide instant delivery. If your product is to be delivered after three or more days then I recommend to buy from somewhere else. The reason is obvious that if a company cannot provide great delivery service they aren’t well established.

4) Look for guarantee for the product. For instance after you have purchased the product and you have disliked it do you have the option to return or get a refund? Trust me, most genuine companies or websites will have 100% guarantee for their product. If they do not have guarantee then you shouldn’t purchase from them.

The above were just few criteria. If you ask for my recommendation, I would say HCG Official as it is the place from where I buy and meets the above criterias. However, you are free to do your own research and find a company or website that suits you best.