HCG 1234 Reviews – My Personal Experience with HCG 1234

hCG1234Very rarely do I provide my personal story over the internet. But on occasions when something is life changing then I feel an urge to share it online. In this case the HCG 1234 drops changed my whole concept of weight loss. Hence I wrote My HCG 1234 Reviews.

Who am I?

My name is Beula. And I weigh 250 pounds. Sorry I don’t have my current picture to share with you as others do. The reason is obvious as I wasn’t planning on writing a review. In fact I hardly believe that weight loss was possible through supplements especially through HCG 1234 diet drops.

Starting of the diet:

I started my Diet on August 13, 2014 and I weighed exactly 250 pounds. The hcg drops were purchased from HCG 1234 site. I placed an order of two bottles and received them within a week. I heard about how great hcg diet was from my friends and hence I had already purchased a recipe book for HCG diet from Amazon.

I am not going to go through the phases and how I ate and what I ate. You will learn on your own through the diet plan.

But I will provide you on the necessary information that you aren’t told.

You are not supposed to exercise. Yes, I didn’t exercise for a month. The result. After I had lost few weights my skin began to snag. Therefore, I decided to break this one rule. I didn’t want to appear as some alien after I had lost considerable amount of weight.

The exercises that I did were just stretching followed by ten push up, ten situp and ten crunches. These were the only ones that I did.

After Three months:

After three months of hcg 1234 diet drops I had lost 63 pounds of weight. Occasionally I broke the HCG diet and went on to my regular diet. But that was in the first month. From the second and the third month I became more accustomed to the diet. Through out my three months period I took 5 to 6 drops before every meal. And I must say that my appetite was almost lost or it craved less. However, you need to consume these drops before half an hour of every meal.


I am still using the drops of hcg 1234 and I am in my fourth month. Things are great and I

am feeling confident. I am not saying that this is the greatest diet program. But it worked for me. In case you want to try it then you can do so easily. Just follow the instructions. And if you break them don’t fret. Forget about it and start afresh.

Here is the link for the HCG 1234 website www.hcg1234.com. Currently they are running some offer so you might want to check them out soon.