Is HCG Diet Safe?

Yes, The HCG Diet is safe and let me tell you how.

You are probably wondering how on earth anyone will live on the low calorie diet which is around 500 to 800 calorie per day. At first even the most professional dietician might frown. However, the hcg drops are so effective in suppressing hunger that they make dieting on low calorie easy.

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In the first week, you might have trouble getting accustomed to the diet. But from the second week your body will adapt to it. Yes, that is how human body works. It has the ability to adapt to the surrounding. If you start feeding your body with only a single meal per day your body will get accustomed to it.

Secondly, the weight loss takes place by increasing your metabolism. Therefore, your lean muscle in no way is affected. The adipose fatty tissue is consumed by the body which results in weight reduction.

Another interesting thing that you need to know about hcg diet is that the hormone known as hcg is natural and does not contain any adulteration. As long as you are purchasing only pharmaceutical brand hormones and not homeopathic you can be rest assured that you are safe with the diet.

Finally, you might wonder if this diet has some side effects. Yes, it does has some side effects but let that not put you off. Every diet that was ever invented my man or human for the fact has some side effects. This is because your body is changing. And whenever there is change there is some effect of it which usually comes in the form of side effects.

Side Effects of HCG normally includes headache and nausea. Sometimes you might experience abdominal. Apart from these there is no side effects.

Therefore, in the end you can be rest assured that HCG diet is cent percent safer than you every thought. And I strongly recommend you opting for reputable brands for buying hcg supplements.

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