List of top Rated HCG Brands

Here is our list of top HCG Brands in the Market. All these sellers have pharmaceutical grade hcg hormone and you can buy from them with ease.

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#1 HCG Triumph (Link to Official Site)

This is the best supplier when pure HCG Hormones comes into question. They also have free shipping and great bundles. Their HCG store is definitely a place to look for every sort of HCG drops you would have ever heard. Interestingly, they also run a 7-day trial that will cost you only $29 bucks so that you can test them before purchasing. And their single 26 Day bottle starts at $99.

#2 HCG Complex (Link to Official Site)

HCG Complex have changed their formula to homeopathic drops.

HCG Complex is a great place for starters to get their hands on HCG drops. They sell professional grade HCG drops. Moreover, their single bottle starts at just $69. Currently, they are running an offer of Buy One Get One Free. We don’t know for how long it will be available. Get the offer until it’s available. Note – their site takes few seconds to load so pls be patient.

#3 NuImage Medical (Link to Official Site)

If we talk about HCG hormone with medical supervision then NuImage Medical should be placed on the top. The reason as to why we have placed it on #3 is because they are a bit expensive (price starts at $297 for 26 day kit!) which is inclusive of support. If you are a fan of HCG injections or require medical support while on the HCG diet then we strongly recommend this retailer.