Phase 1 of HCG Diet

Phase 1 is the most crucial part of HCG diet. Some, however, skip it thinking it isn’t vital enough HCG-Diet-Phase-1-172x300for weight loss. But let me remind and have it sculpted in your brain that the better you do the Phase 1 the better you will lose weight.

What Should I do in Phase 1?

Phase 1 spans for first three day of the HCG diet. You will consume high fat and high protein foods as you wish. There are literally no restrictions during this period. Along with the unrestricted consumption of foods you will also consume HCG drops. Except for fast foods and foods that are too greasy like pizzas you can have almost anything you want. Some healthy foods that you can consume are avacadoes, cheese and nuts.

Why is Phase 1 Necessary?

Hypothalamus is an organ that is responsible for many functions within your body. One of the main functions is to store and release fats depending upon the energy required by the body. During the phase 1 when you consume high fat and protein foods the hypothalamus is stimulated. This ensures that the body stores fat in high numbers and also releases them in large numbers.

Since, we are consuming the HCG hormone during the phase 1 the fat that we consume are not going to be stored. Obviously, the fats are however, being released as the hypothalamus is stimulated. The HCG hormone that you have consumed will use the about to be stored fat as energy.

An extra mile further:

If you want to take the phase to an extra mile further then do a colon cleanse. A colon cleanse will rid your system of junk foods that your guts has been consuming for the past years. Therefore, when you are starting the HCG diet you will feel refreshed and lose more weight than doing the above things.

Please note: The colon cleanse is optional. However, I recommend that you do it for better results.