Are Real HCG Drops Legal to Purchase online?

Real HCG drops contain hormones extracted from the female body and that is why it becomes naturally understandable that it must be calling for some kind of regulations on their sale and purchase.

If your doctor has prescribed it or you have read about its benefit somewhere and have already made plans to purchase it online then you must know certain rules about it.

  1. Are they legal or not Yes, they are legal. It is legal in countries like America, Canada and Europe etc. It is even legal to buy online. Many online sites offer it, but you must have a prescription written by your doctor with you. You need to send a copy of it whenever you order it online so that the seller can be assured that it is properly suggested by your doctor.

If you read about its benefits somewhere, then you cannot order it online as you won’t be having any kind of prescription with you.

Many sites even have a counselling facility so that you can call them and get the idea about the whole process.

  1. Is it legal to import HCGYou can definitely import HCG drops in case you want it for yourself. Airport authorities will need doctor’s prescription for that. You need to check the recent rules as it tends to change frequently and often.

One thing you can do is to contact customs office to see if they allow it or not. Also, ensure that is there any extra charges for importing or not.

HCG real drops or any medicine can be imported equivalent to three month dose so if you want to import it for like more than 6 months you need permission of authorities.

  1. Is it approved by FDA – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which is responsible for protecting and improving people’s health has not approved Real HCG drops and that is why some doctors do not advise it to people. You need to know that doctors are well permitted to advise it on their discretion, so it’s not an illegal thing to purchase or harmful.

Whereas Homeopathic HCG drops are not regulated strictly by the FDA as it does with real HCG drops. However, they want Homeopathic drops to meet certain parameters of quality, purity and strength.

You can buy it without any prescription and that is legal in countries like America, Canada.

HCG drops have become a revolution in the weight loss regime or area. It is given with the conjunction with another dietary dose. It usually triggers human’s pituitary gland to produce more hormones, which were suppressed or reduced in the body. These hormones balance the instability of all the major hormones in the body including testosterone. It is not only used in a weight loss program, but in other problems too. A woman who is not pregnant, but is found to have high levels of HCG hormones indicates chances of cancer. Therefore, it is necessary to look out every aspect of HCG drops and then decide to go for it.