Side Effects of HCG Hormone Diet

All diet system on this planet has its own side effects. Therefore I am not going to pretend and say that HCG hormone diets have zero or nil side effects. But I do like to say is that the sid effects generated by this diet system can be considered as negligible to some extent.

Before we can start with the side effects you should know the HCG diet plan involves low calorie diet of anywhere between 500 to 800 calorie. This low calorie consumption throws the body into a state of detoxification and thus bringing in the symptoms. If you have been reading carefully you will notice that the side effects are cause of the diet system not by the HCG hormone by themselves.

Here are the common side effects caused by the HCG diet system:

The most common side effect and the one that can be experienced in every diet plan is head ache. This is the very first sign of detoxification. Since every diet plan does go  into a state of detoxification we also have this side effect with HCG diet system . The headache should vanish within a week.

Nausea is another common sensation or side effect that arises when the body is detoxing. When the body detoxes your body resists to the change and therefore creates all these side effects including the nausea sensation. In short, once the detoxing stops your nausea will stop.

Another sid effect with HCG hormone diet system is that you can experience abdominal pain. This pain appears in the lower abdominal area. Although I am unsure about its appearance I am well aware of the fact that it will vanish within few days.

Finally, there is another symptom that I would like to add and the one which I experienced personally. Loose stools. For nealy 5 days I was having loose stools and in fact it was during this time that I lost considerable amount of weight.

Overall the side effects are nothing major. However, if you are concerned about the side effects then I suggest purchasing HCG hormone with medical supervision program.