Top 3 HCG Injections

Here is our independent rankings of top HCG injections retailers. Feel free to choose from any of them.


iHCGinjections: (Link to Official site) – They are cheap, high quality and best for men who are looking to boost testosterone. Price starts from $115 which you won’t get with any other HCG retailer. If you are new or are looking to buy HCG injections other than weight loss purposes then this is the Go to place.

Nuimage Medical: (Link to Official site) – The price is steep but there is a reason for it – you get online support. However, this program is only meant for weight loss. Hence, if you are looking to lose weight then we suggest you buying HCG injections from this retailer.

Cojach: (Currently unavailable): Again, this is meant for those who are looking to lose weight. Unfortunately, they do not have any support during the program. Moreover, they are expensive than Nuimage Medical. The reason its in our list is because of the injections quality.